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Comment Re:Nuts (Score 1, Troll) 517

And violent acts lead to more violent acts - that's why September 11th happened

Considering terrorism a simple form of violence is a fatal fallacy. The only thing you can do with peacefully with terrorists is to give up. Else, you have to fight. As to September the 11th, could you honestly say that radical Islam would either not appear or wouldn't come to a violent confrontation with the West if there hadn't been an Israel? The confrontation is around since the Crusades, and there wasn't an Israel back then.

Many mainstream Israeli politicians and senior military figures support the ethnic cleansing, and in some cases liquidation of the Palestinians. Sounds awfully like Nazi policies towards Jews, gypsies and Slavs to me.

Absolute lie. Show me one Israeli politician who speaks of ethnic cleansing of any sort. The most extreme (supported by like 3% of the public) speak about a volontary transfer.

Israel is a state which justifies its existence on religious/political tracts from over 2000 years ago.

Your understanding of Zionism is as lacking as it could be. Israel justifies its existence as a unique nation-state for the Jews. If you want practical justifications for why such a state is needed, look up any encyclopedia under the entry "Holocaust"

Israel ignores UN resolutions and invades neighbouring states

Just don't trivialize the Arab-Israeli conflict by appealing to the U.N. authority. Was the Jordanian control of West Bank prior to 1967 legal (hint: it was recognized solely by the UK and Pakistan)? Yet I don't see you jumping on that. Was the closure of Tyran straits legal (look it up: the 1888 Constantinople Convention)?

So here we have a state that uses military aggression against civilians, essentially its own citizens

Palestinians are not Israeli citizens. The Palestinian Authority is a separate political entity, and it had accidentially declared de-facto war on Israel. So true, life is hard in the Palestinian cities. Life was also hard in Hamburg when it was bombed in 1943.

have violated other states sovereignty to assasinate figures they don't like

So has U.S. Or is blowing up people in Yemen allowable by international law? The rules of the game are different now, from what they were 30 years ago. It's simple: if you don't kill a terrorist now, you're gonna suffer dozens, hundreds or thousands dead later.

he looks more anti-semitic that way

Oh I see, speaking of "dirty Jews" is legitimate then?

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