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+ - Aussie stroke patients rehabilitate on Wii->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Aussie researchers will give stroke sufferers a Nintendo Wii as part of a trial of a new remote rehabilitation system. About 50 past and present patients from a regional area will trial the system for two weeks each over a six-month period next year. Motion sensing data from the Wii controllers, together with a separate stream of data from body sensors fitted to the patient, will be transmitted back to a therapist in Sydney. It's hoped that the system will be gaming platform agnostic in the near future."
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+ - Google bringing HTML5 to Gmail-> 1

Submitted by
angry tapir
angry tapir writes "In keeping with Google's enthusiasm for the emerging HTML5 standard, many upcoming features of the company's Gmail Web-based e-mail service will be rendered in HTML5. One feature that the Gmail design team is now working on is the ability to drag files from the desktop into the browser. Gmail will also make use of HTML5's database standards. Currently the e-mail service uses Google Gears to store mail for offline reading, but over time that will migrate to the HTML5 standards."
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