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+ - Static analysis of the Linux kernel->

Submitted by kriston
kriston (7886) writes "From the web site: "This problem is interesting by its difficulty. Linux kernel source code was checked and is checked by everything and anything. That is why it is difficult task — finding something new. However, that would be an excellent advertising note about PVS-Studio analyzer possibilities."

Sections have interesting titles like "Dangerous memcmp() usage," "Eternal wait," "Copy-Paste error," and "Rip out eyes.""

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+ - Free Academic Licenses for CppCat static code analyzer->

Submitted by Andrey_Karpov
Andrey_Karpov (1819888) writes "CppCat is a static code analyzer integrating into the Visual Studio 2010-2013 environment. The analyzer is designed for regular use and allows detecting a large number of various errors and typos in programs written in C and C++. For the purpose of popularizing it, we've decided to launch a student-support program granting free licenses to every higher school student who will contact and ask us about that. You just need to send us a photo of your student card or transcript."
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+ - Is Java ready for Safety Critical Applications?-> 4

Submitted by
dautelle writes "Last week, I was invited at the Space 2007 conference to introduce Javolution (open source Java library) to rocket scientists. Here is the paper presented. This might seem like good news for the Java platform. But is Java ready for use in safety critical applications? Or in other words would you trust your life to a Java program?"
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+ - Git User's Survey 2007->

Submitted by
Jakub Narebski
Jakub Narebski writes "We would like to ask you a few questions about your use of the GIT version control system. This survey is mainly to understand who is using GIT, how and why.

The results will be discussed on the git mailing list and published to the GIT wiki at

We'll close the survey in three weeks starting from 20 August 2007, on 10 September 2007.

Please devote a few minutes of your time to fill this simple questionnaire, it will help a lot the git community to understand your needs, what you like of GIT, and of course what you don't like of it.

The survey can be found here: a1ea5bcda3ee1856d9"

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Hardware Hacking

+ - ESA Altered Wikipedia Entries on Mod Chips->

Submitted by sesshomaru
sesshomaru (173381) writes "Game Politics is reporting that the Entertainment Software Association has been editing Wikipedia entries on modchips and abandonware so that they will be more favorable to their point of view. In other words, they've edited them so that any discussion of legal or moral gray areas are removed and the Wikipedia entries say that these things are illegal, period. Here's a link to the Game Politics article:

ESA Altered Wikipedia Entries on Mod Chips, Abandonware

Links to the alterations made in the article can be found in the article, and thanks to Wikipedia Scanner for uncovering this scandal."

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+ - Is computer science dead?

Submitted by warm sushi
warm sushi (168223) writes "An academic at the British Computing Society asks Is computer science dead? Citing falling student enrolments, and improved technology, British academic Neil McBride claims that off-the-shelf solutions are removing much of the demand for high level development skills: "As commercial software products have matured, it no longer makes sense for organisations to develop software from scratch. Accounting packages, enterprise resource packages, customer relationship management systems are the order of the day: stable, well-proven and easily available." Is that quote laughable? Or has the software development industry stabilised to an off-the-self commodity?"
Operating Systems

Is Gentoo in crisis? 199

Posted by Hemos
from the well-yeah-probably dept.
TheCoop1984 writes "A recent article on distrowatch, and an extended thread on the gentoo forums, have pointed out that gentoo is not what it used to be. Daniel Robbins came back and went again after only a few days, developer turnover is as high as ever, personal attacks on the mailing lists are common, and people are generally not happy about the current state of affairs. Is gentoo rotting from the inside, and can anything be done about it?"
United States

+ - Defense Contractor Halliburton Moving HQ to Dubai

Submitted by
theodp writes "Much-maligned defense contractor Halliburton is moving its corporate headquarters from Houston to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai's friendly tax laws will add to Halliburton's bottom line. Last year, it earned $2.3B in profits. Sen. Patrick Leahy called the company's move 'corporate greed at its worst.' Halliburton, once headed by VP Dick Cheney, has received contracts valued at an estimated $25.7B for its work in Iraq."

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