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Comment Windows Update is broken (Score 1) 141

Take a fresh install of windows, update, restart, update, restart,....
On some machines it says "this update couldn't be installed", after a fresh windows installation.
For win 8 you have to turn to the shitty shop (or is it called market?) to install win 8.1
Windows Update is a horrible nightmare, to my disappointment they still don't kill it and make it better.

btw, has anybody tried updating a windows phone? What a f*ck. "downloading update", "preparing update", "updating", "restarting", "after update modifications", 30 minutes are gone. after rebooting, another update and so on.
Windows has the worst update mechanism of all major players and it isn't getting any better in win 10.

Comment Re:LOL fascists (Score 1) 35

I won't by a samsung phone ever again. They don't update and just shit on the customers... God-thank's to alternatives, at least there are some because of sales unites of samsung phones. Poor people who bought unpopular phones... I like my nexus 5 i bought 2nd hand (nexus 6 is too expensive).

Comment Re:Information Collected (Score 1) 147

So you mean this will stop when the final version is released?
The worst thing for me is the desire of windows 8 to sync everything to the cloud.
It stresses me to read every message/configuration option (some translated very bad) because i don't want anything accidentally in the microsoft cloud.
I (just) want software (O.K. an operating system) and not (rental) services.

Comment Re:Of course they're giving a 6-year transition (Score 1) 259

Big companies already have a next money saving plan. It's called "PatentBox". You know, like starbucks. The 6 year transition period is needed to change to the new business model. If politicans were real about the "we need to save citizens from evil companies" speech, they would already start changing laws to protect from the upcoming PatentBox fraud.

Submission + - Micron Launches First SSD Based On 16nm NAND Flash (

MojoKid writes: Samsung made some waves earlier this year with the introduction of its 850 Pro family of solid state drives and the first commercial use of 3D stacked NAND Flash memory. Micron is striking back today with a lower manufacturing process geometry in conventional NAND, however, along with a new Flash technology it claims will accelerate performance more effectively than competing solutions. The new Micron M600 family of solid state drives will launch at capacities ranging from 128GB to 1TB across multiple form factors including 2.5-inch SATA drives, mSATA, and the PCIe-capable M.2 platform. The M600 uses Micron's newest 16nm TLC NAND, which allows the drive to hit a better cost-per-GiB than previous generation drives. The drives are built around the Marvell 88SS9189 SATA 6Gbs controller, which has been used by a variety of other SSD manufacturers as well. The M600 family of solid state drives performed relatively well throughout a battery of tests, though it couldn't quite catch Samsung's 850 Pro. Pricing for the M600 reportedly will be competitive at approximately $.45 — $.55 per GiB.

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