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Submission + - Tricks in Advertising

unique_parrot writes: So there are many tricks in advertising/marketing.
Like "Save xxx% when shopping over xxx$“? I think that’s psychologically very interesting, because it ommits the question "Do I really need/want this thing?“. The word "Save“ is not nice here, it rather should be "Get xxx% of, if shopping over xxx$“.
Or the famous "Internet Speed UP TO xxMB/s“. That’s OK with me, if I pay UP TO the requested price, otherwise it’s an unhounest marketing speech.
What tricks have you uncovered yourself, what are your most hated tricks, what should others be warned/aware about?

Comment Windows Update is broken (Score 1) 141

Take a fresh install of windows, update, restart, update, restart,....
On some machines it says "this update couldn't be installed", after a fresh windows installation.
For win 8 you have to turn to the shitty shop (or is it called market?) to install win 8.1
Windows Update is a horrible nightmare, to my disappointment they still don't kill it and make it better.

btw, has anybody tried updating a windows phone? What a f*ck. "downloading update", "preparing update", "updating", "restarting", "after update modifications", 30 minutes are gone. after rebooting, another update and so on.
Windows has the worst update mechanism of all major players and it isn't getting any better in win 10.

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