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Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 1) 316

Unless grocery baggers are hired based on their lack of education (ex: 8th or 10th grade being the last completed), we're already massively wasting education. They are not using any skills they have in any subject taught in a school that cannot be taught in five minutes. However, most of these companies require a high school diploma, GED, or similar, for a job requiring none of the implied skills.

There's no reason that the VP of Manufacturing in my company refuses to hire anyone without a BSME to work as a clerk managing paperwork that comes from Engineering, but they always fill that position with someone with a BSME that eventually leaves unless we poach them into our department first. However, it does prove that their employment options are limited even with a STEM degree, so they're willing to make $28k/year doing something that technically doesn't require their skills just to get their foot in the door somewhere. The mentality is spreading, with many other menial jobs within the company requiring as least a 4-year-degree in a STEM field. Our Field Service department recently started demanding a degree for glorified plumbers and their secretary has a masters in some hard science field.

Nothing opened my eyes to the situation more than this. It's clear that degrees are moving downmarket.

Comment Re:Way to sensationalize! (Score 1) 202

You're crazy. Watches are already dated-looking "jewelry". They'll be melted down to recover their constituent materials and some particularly-unusual ones will be stored in museums. The styles have changed very regularly, although they have been pretty stabilized since the advent of the cell phone because they're dying.

Your belief that people will still pay a lot of money just because their bracelet has some mechanical components is very short-sighted. One day people will realize that a bracelet is just as useful for showing off wealth and far more flexible in design if it isn't based around an archaic and redundant mechanical assembly.

Comment Re:Way to sensationalize! (Score 1) 202

I'd argue that wristwatches, particularly analog ones, are a multi-generational fad. They are simply approaching the end of their fad stage as their proponents die out. They haven't been a necessity at any point in their history, but were quite popular and expected in certain contexts, which reflects their fad status. Some might argue they're jewelry, but those people are deluded. They're only jewelry in the sense that bracelets are jewelry, but just as bracelets are subject to social fads and some have died out, so too will the wristwatch.

There are plenty of similar fads that will eventually be supplanted. Those in these industries are just too oblivious to realize that is what they are peddling.

Comment Re:Keep Trump, Dump Hilary (Score 1) 686

You know, I'd like to see this. I have a twisted internal dichotomy: While I am strongly libertarian by nature, I believe purists in their belief system would do a better job than those that compromise, so I also think unwavering communism is a good political system. A solid uncompromising socialist wouldn't allow a mess like Obamacare to get through with the unconstitutional requirement to purchase insurance from private companies. Obama compromised too much and that's what's wrong. If you're going to go socialist, go all the way, you can't go part way making concessions and expect it to work properly.

Comment Where is the obvious choice? (Score 1) 686

Please, please, please, someone abort that trainwreck that is all over the news (Trump). Please. You can't even walk near a TV or turn on a radio without suffering through more stupidity and hand wringing about said stupidity.

Also, let's get real, aside from Hillary the Dems have nothing. The Reps have so many options, all pretty shitty, that they don't know what to do, while the Dems are just floundering.

I thought it was bad last time. This country and their stupid two-party obsession (created by those stupid parties and their media buddies). No real difference between the two, aside from their destructive obsessions.

Comment Re:Didn't the drone owner say..... (Score 2) 664

Most of that was link latency and artifacts caused by poor encoding. This looks like it was recorded at a remote location, presumably the launch location. The video recorded on the drone would be of much higher quality.

Source: 7 years developing digital/IP cameras used in covert surveillance.

Comment Re:Why can't the world move beyond this crap? (Score 1) 236

What's wrong with solar time? There's nothing dumb about it. We currently have multiple constellations of satellites that provide highly accurate time signals that allow us to triangulate our exact locations on earth. Why do we have time zones when we could have exact solar time at every location? You could produce schedules that take these into effect for long-distance travel. In a major metro like Los Angeles, the clocks would be off under 2 minutes from one end of the extended suburbs to the other.

All time should be kept in UTC and/or Solar Time. I'd tend toward UTC for all business, scheduling, and technical purposes, but for older people and social purposes, I'd be happy to use Solar Time. Showing the two side by side on my phone should be trivial.

Comment Re:Why can't the world move beyond this crap? (Score 1) 236

The problem is that human political machinations affect things that are critical for infrastructure. It would be like me moving the endzone/net in your football game of choice every handful of years then expecting you to somehow rate historic players by the same standards as modern players.

Comment Re:Why can't the world move beyond this crap? (Score 1) 236

Time zones don't help you know if people are up, either. You still have to adjust to their local time zone and know the other's waking hours. It's easier if the time (a consistent moment) is the same universally, then if you know their waking hours, you know if you are within them. It also easier for finding overlaps.

The only thing that is an even bigger and easier to kick political football is DST, which makes even the wrangling involving time zones seem sensible.

Comment Re:Why can't the world move beyond this crap? (Score 1) 236

Originally, everyone just woke up when the sun bothered them too much and went to sleep when it was dark. It worked well enough that we're all here...

Then the obsession with time started and we all became slaves to numbers on a clock. Later, we somehow became obsessed with these numbers looking roughly the same in multiple locations.

Why can't we just go back to solar time? We have the technology.

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