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Comment Re:No flash support (Score 1) 1713 1713

When i say Adobe is dead, I mean it's a company that's got no future. They were the king, and they got too comfortable on the throne and failed to continue true innovation. Their current security issues, and bloated under performing code base is their death knell.

Agree. Not to mention that in 2010 their Reader needs 30 seconds for a TEXT search which was performed in less than 1 second 20 years ago.

Comment Re:'GO' != 'GO!' (Score 4, Informative) 512 512

A+ != A# != A# C != C# (in fairness they are related) There are several languages refereed to as D F != F# L != L# M != M4

If you can't tell the difference between to similarly named programming languages perhaps programming isn't for you!

But C# = Db F = E# and moreover B# = C

Comment Re:No Export of Emails from Gmail (Score 1) 167 167

I went to their site... what a fake group, just a total front for google. Nowhere did I find a way to export the emails from gmail to .dbx files for Outlook/Express. So of all google's services, gmail is the most used, and of that service, the vast majority of its data is the emails themselves. Yet, this largest volume from the largest service is not at all liberated. Liberation for that stuff is not even mentioned, not even on the map.

A way to import all you emails from gmail to outlook is pop3, isnt it?

Comment Re:interesting analogy (Score 1) 167 167

Making it easier to leave Google applications helps grow your potential customer base in the future (such as those who are wary of lock in), at the risk of losing current customers who are unhappy with your service. That is a motivation well-rooted in self-interest, as long as you think your product is better than everyone else's.

..and moreover it will give them arguments against claims based on more strict privacy protection laws wich are starting to be enforced in several countries.

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