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Comment: How much research did they do? (Score 1) 689

by um_atrain (#25586139) Attached to: Ubuntu 8.10 Outperforms Windows Vista

From TFA: "Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition easily ranks higher than any other Linux desktop OS we've looked at"

I have a strong feeling they've never tried DSL, Debian, Gentoo, Slackware, etc... After looking through the first 5 pages of search results for "Linux", the only other distribution than Ubuntu was Linpus. I think Ubuntu is great, but if your looking for performance, there are better alternatives out there.


The Notable Improvements of GNOME 2.22 265

Posted by Zonk
from the short-but-pretty dept.
Michael Larabel writes "Phoronix has up a list compiling eight of the most interesting improvements on track for GNOME 2.22. These improvements include the Epiphany browser switching to the WebKit back-end, transition effects inside the Evince document viewer, a new GNOME application for taking photos and recording videos from web cameras followed by applying special effects, a mouse tweaking module for improved accessibility, and a new GNOME VNC client. On the multimedia end, GNOME 2.22 has a few new features appended to the Totem movie player and the Rhythmbox player. Totem can now search and play YouTube videos and connect to a MythTV server and watch past recordings or view live TV. Rhythmbox now can utilize FM radio tuners, integration with new lyric sites, improved Podcast feed support, and even has support for communicating with newer Sony PSPs. There will also be a standalone Flash player and flash previewing support from the file browser in this release."

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