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Comment: Re:I thought (Score 1) 197 197

by um... Lucas (#48860063) Attached to: The Most Popular Passwords Are Still "123456" and "password"

Maybe more websites need to enforce strong password rules on their users. I know that plenty of sites either read the password entered or check the hash and reject it if it doesn't meet certain criteria. Ideally, end users would come up with secure passwords on their own, but since they can't, administrators need to do some prodding.

Comment: laziness (Score 1) 313 313

by um... Lucas (#48187525) Attached to: If You're Connected, Apple Collects Your Data

The submitter can be bothered to capture some data and submit a link to such to slashdot for commentary, comparing apple's actions to Microsofts (but not Ubuntu's, but that's a different story), but can't be bothered to summarize the data at the very least, even better would be to actually write an article explaining what they found. I'm not going to spend hours clicking through git to find out what the submitter is complaining about, and i doubt that most anyone commenting on this article will have done so either.

Comment: Re: It's the OS, Stupid (Score 1) 252 252

by um... Lucas (#48181303) Attached to: Apple's Next Hit Could Be a Microsoft Surface Pro Clone

"So ultimately OS X is the only desktop UNIX out there. If OS X runs it, then it works on Unix. If it doesn't work on Linux or BSD, then the OS X should be considered the correct behavior. Keep in mind that POSIX does not define any GUI behavior."

I'd change that around...

If it works on Unix, then it will work on OS X. But just because something works on OS X does not mean that it'll work on any other Unix... you know, Cocoa libraries, Aqua UI, etc

Comment: Re:It's the OS, Stupid (Score 1) 252 252

by um... Lucas (#48181265) Attached to: Apple's Next Hit Could Be a Microsoft Surface Pro Clone

what would be cool is a combo unit... storage in the screen, along with an arm processor and its own gig of ram, along with intel processor in the body along with they keyboard. Attach the screen, and its a Macbook Air. Remove the screen, and you've got yourself a full featured iPad. And no matter which way you take the device, all your docs are stored locally, always accessible... I'd buy that, at least, so long as it was priced a bit less than the sum of a Macbook Air and iPad.

Comment: Re: I don't follow (Score 1) 370 370

by um... Lucas (#48181233) Attached to: Apple Doesn't Design For Yesterday

Even with Windows, old version, not sure about the current, but you could customize interface elements to your hearts content in the control panel, but any changes too far from the standard would basically wreck the interface. It'd still function, but none of the elements would fit longer.

So i can understand apple locking down their interface somewhat, but i do agree that perhaps they took it a little too far. Changing a font from helvetica to garamond, for instance, shouldn't break anything too badly...

Comment: Re: The Middle Class is the Bedrock of Society (Score 1) 839 839

by um... Lucas (#48163613) Attached to: Bill Gates: Piketty's Attack on Income Inequality Is Right

By LESS CAPITALISTIC, you mean less entitlements, fewer safety nets, less government regulation and oversight, lower taxes on the most able to pay, and an expansion of the richests' ability to advertise for their own ends in elections, correct?

Comment: Re:WRONG! (Score 1) 65 65

by um... Lucas (#47914897) Attached to: Satoshi Nakamoto's Email Address Compromised

were past the stage of "don't write down your passwords". Too many sites, too many passwords... Personally, I use pwSafe (a mac and iOS version of Schneiers password safe), but i know plenty of people who keep notebooks hidden with their passwords all written down. Better that than use a single password everywhere.

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