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Submission + - British government admit responsibility in killing->

uigin writes: The British government report, known as the Saville report, into the killings of 14 British citizens by British paratroopers on British soil in 1972 has just been released. Prime minister David Cameron stood up in parliament and admitted total resposonsability on the part of the British state and apologised unreservedly to the families of the dead.
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Submission + - FBI Monitoring Facebook-> 2 2

An anonymous reader writes: The BBC reports that armed police were called to a UK school earlier today after being advised of a potential threat by the FBI. The school stated that the FBI "raised the alarm after internet scanning software picked up a suspicious combination of words", strongly implying that they are carrying out routine, automated surveillance of social networking sites. While in this case it does appear that there may have been a genuine threat, the story nonetheless raises significant privacy concerns.
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Submission + - Wikileaks founder under threat by US authorities->

An anonymous reader writes: The NYC hacker conference (Hackers On Planet Earth, aka HOPE) put out an alert for their primary keynote speaker, Wikileaks's Julian Assange. They fear Mr. Assange may be in danger should he come to the U.S. In the link provided, they sumerise the story call for the public to band together in the hopes that the U.S. will "Let Julian Speak!" On another interesting note, the person who reported the man who leaked the documents to Wikileaks is belieaved to be coming to the "HOPE" conference too.
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Submission + - Airplanes Unexpectedly Modify Weather->

reillymj writes: Commercial airliners have a strange ability to create rain and snow when they fly through certain clouds. Scientists have known for some time that planes can make outlandish "hole-punch" and "canal" features in clouds. A new study has found that these odd formations are in fact evidence that planes are seeding clouds and changing local weather patterns as they fly through. In one case, researchers noted that a plane triggered several inches of snowfall directly beneath its flight path.
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Comment Re:I recommend (Score 1, Interesting) 153 153

I have both Vodafone callya and Blau. Honestly vodafone (and O2) is ridiculously expensive without a contract. Simyo is another cheap alternative. All the cheap ones are pretty much the same price and adequate quality. The reason Vodafone et al get away with having the expensive prices is because Germans have this strange notion of paying extra for imagined 'quality' (the reasoning is along the lines 'it's more expensive so it must be good')


Comment Re:Internet cafe's (Score 5, Informative) 153 153

Actually very few places in Germany have free Wifi. The going rate is €8 per hour! (If you are asking about it, they call it Wlan)

I agree about waiting until you arrive though. I think you'll have a lot of problems buying before you travel unless you sign up for a special tourist phone network that costs an outrageous amount.


Comment Re:Let' see how fast they will run out of customer (Score -1) 222 222

Unfortunately, Eircom are the only realistic option for broadband connections for the vast majority of users in Ireland. And don't forget, if they are successful at identifying downloaders those are exactly the users an ISP can live without; they use a disproportionate amount of bandwidth. Eircom will be left with cash-cow customers, like grandma.


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