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Comment: Re:Some good points, but... (Score 1) 958

by ubuntu (#13064714) Attached to: Asa Dotzler on Why Linux Isn't Ready for the Desktop
This is the third or forth time I've seem mention of this on this thread. I think you all overestimate the number of people switching to Apple. How many users have they actually taken from Windows?

Absolutely. The people talking about a mass migration to Macs are mostly already Mac people seeing things from a Mac person's perspective (ie, biased toward Macs). I for one am moving AWAY from Apple to Linux. I've used Macs for a long time, and despite what the fanboys here proclaim, Macs are NOT perfect. Far from it. After recently discovering Ubuntu (and snagging the nym!), I can honestly say that after much testing, I *STRONGLY PREFER* Gnome and Ubuntu to OS X.

p.s. Mac migration estimates are skewed by the previous mass migration away from Macs during the really bad years, and even more when "the great hope", OS X Beta, came out and really sucked and was so un-Mac-like that a lot of Maccies moved to Windows instantly. Many of them are moving back now that OS X is finally getting decent and is comparable to XP. But I only know one Windows user who switched out of hundreds of friends -- and only because he *only* uses his computer for web surfing (with the world's greatest browser, Firefox, natch), so he might as well use an OS that has no viruses. I've tried to convert hundreds of people to Mac over the years, but only one actually ever did it.

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