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Comment: Re:The Democrats killed Net Neutrality !! (Score 2) 182

by ubrgeek (#47013593) Attached to: FCC Votes To Consider Next Round of 'Net Neutrality' Rules
> Do you want the ability to pay time warner to speed up the connections to a level faster than what those subscribers pay for in order to reduce lag and generate more revenue on your side when the players aren't getting frustrated by the lag?

Or, being a new company with no established revenue stream nor war chest full of cash, do you want to see the big boys come in and purchase so much bandwidth for their game that you can't compete? 'Cause the second option is the one that's more likely to happen, regardless of what you want.

Comment: Re:Betteridge's Law in effect... (Answer = No) (Score 1) 156

by ubrgeek (#46568943) Attached to: In the Unverified Digital World, Are Journalists and Bloggers Equal?
> I would think that the only prerequisites to being a good journalist would be the ability to research a subject and the ability to communicate your findings in a clear and informative manner

As to the first part, no it's not. There are also the courses on photography, newspaper (or website) layout, communications law, and a score of others that I had to take more than 20 years ago. As to the second, the ability to research and communicate your findings is what separates a good writer from a bad writer.

Regardless, for an interesting look at a world where bloggers are considered at least as important as what are traditionally referred to as journalists, check out the newsflesh trillogy.

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