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Comment Re:I have run 6 Kickstarters so far... (Score 1) 211

IMHO, Kickstarter should create a two-tier system - in tier #1, projects have to justify every penny they'll spend in mind-numbing detail - and they should be limited by KS themselves to 200% of that goal or $50,000 - whichever is greater.

Yeah, but they won't. They make 5 cents on the dollar, so how would it benefit them as a company to artificially limit revenue? Even with the occasional bad press, it's quite apparent people are still willing to shovel money into the machine.

Comment Re:Ground to plane windshield geometry (Score 1) 161

but jetliners look to me like they have the cockpit windshield on the top half of the nose hemisphere.

Banking turns to reverse direction and line up with the runway come to mind. Last time I flew, the plane made a pretty sharp turn on landing and I could definitely see down into the yards of the houses below. Cockpits have side windows too, and definitely would have allowed line of sight for some asshat down below to shine a laser in there.

Comment Re:Strange priorities around here.. (Score 1) 75

I invite you to leave LA and visit someplace with shitty weather and truly shitty roads. I suggest Detroit.

You will never whine about LA roads again.

I never said we had the worst roads, just that the roads should be fixed before we start installing WiFi on them. LA does have it's share of truly shitty weather though, but the opposite of Detroit. It's always fun when it's 110+ degrees, the wind is blowing the trees sideways while they're also on fire. You've never wanted to see snow more than when the Santa Ana's are blowing through!

Comment Re:Strange priorities around here.. (Score 1) 75

This is in Los Angeles. There is no freeze-thaw cycle there, and as a result, few potholes.

I invite you to come down to Los Angeles and drive our beautiful streets, especially the day after any measurable rain. And don't even get me started on the sidewalks, which the ents have been heaving out of the ground for decades.

Comment Re:It's either that... (Score 1) 289

Go ask Vladimir Komarov about his thoughts regarding the Soviet's concern for cosmonaut safety.

I'm too busy waiting to speak to 14 NASA astronauts since 1986 who seem surprisingly reluctant to talk on the subject of NASA's safety record.

Funny thing is, none of them were convinced they were going to die if they launched. Komarov insisted that he went on that fateful flight in place of Gagarin because he didn't want to watch his friend die. The 14 NASA astronauts and 3 other cosmonauts died in accidents. Komarov was sacrificed. Accidents in pioneering methods of travel are going to happen, and are somewhat acceptable. What the Soviets allowed to happen with Soyuz-1 was downright criminal. You'll have a hard time proving that NASA has done anything half as bad, even with the Challenger loss.

Comment Re:It's either that... (Score 1) 289

That's why they've had almost every space "first" and are the only nation on earth still consistently capable of sending men into space (and with an almost spotless cosmonaut safety record for the last 40 years, unlike some other nations).

You're right! They had the first space flight fatality. And the second through fourth. Go ask Vladimir Komarov about his thoughts regarding the Soviet's concern for cosmonaut safety. Oh wait, you can't; he's a charcoal briquette. You also forget that the Chinese are now sending their own astronauts into space. Russia no longer holds the monopoly on manned spaceflight.

Comment Re:The US wants Instant Gratification (Score 1) 439

In the US it seemed dealers really needed to be able to deliver a car TODAY, not tomorrow or next week.

That's because most Americans want things TODAY, and not tomorrow or next week. We're so used to instant gratification, the requirement to wait any amount of time feels like a personal insult. The dealers are catering to the expectations of the consumers, who seem to be more than willing to take something that isn't quite what they want for more than they wanted to spend as long as they get it NOW. That being said, there's definitely some humor in the reactions of the dealership sales lackeys when you say 'Nah' and walk right out the front door after spending an hour talking numbers.

Comment Re:political correctness alert (Score 2) 469

You're not going to be able to design a smaller, lighter gun for petite little hands that ALSO has (as the rest of the article explains is needed badly) an increased stopping-power (which is primarily about the kinetic energy striking the target).

Rifle and shotgun rounds are for stopping power. Handguns are for when you don't have anything better. At that point, ability to get rounds on target trumps everything else. If you miss, it doesn't matter if you're shooting a .25 or a 10MM. You're better off with a gun that fits your hands and you can shoot properly than a hand cannon that you can't hit the ground in front you with.

Also, the difference between the major handgun rounds is negligible; military FMJ rounds will just never deliver the energy to the target in the same way as a hollow point. Stopping power is not about "the kinetic energy striking the target". It's about shot placement and energy dumped INTO the target. The FMJ round has a bad habit of passing through the target without expanding, wasting potential destructive energy. A hollow point is designed to massively deform and expend all of it's energy slowing down within the target, cutting and pulping as it does so. If you can't use hollow points, the best bet is to fill them with as many properly placed holes as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Comment Re:Cautionary tale (Score 1) 492

It sounds to more that the problem is more about the local housing market, and less that these companies aren't paying enough. If there's a shortage of living spaces in the area, an increase in wages is just going to drive an increase in rents, because the people will continue to pay out the nose. How do you think they got so high in the first place? It's a supply and demand problem, not a 'corporations are screwing people' problem.

Comment Re:An RV I can see..... (Score 1) 492

...A box truck is it's own special kind of sad. You can get a serviceable RV for under the $10,000 he spent.

I agree that a box truck was an interesting choice, but if all he's doing is sleeping in it and has acceptable facilities nearby, it's not exactly a "van down by the river" situation. I browse the sale listings for RVs from time to time, and any RV in the 10k range usually looks like somebody died in it and may or may not still be an occupant. A corporate parking lot isn't exactly an idea location for an RV either, with no (legal?) water or power hookups, sewage disposal, or source for gasoline. Just more complexity for someone who obviously seeks simplicity. If this guy is cool with sleeping in a box truck, then more power to him.

Comment Re:Cautionary tale (Score 5, Insightful) 492

He's living with the conscious decision of enduring mild, planned hardship now with the goal of greatly improving his situation in life later. He is taking advantage of the environment and resources available to him to meet his needs, instead of blindly blowing the majority of his income on what others feel should be an acceptable quality of life for him. Why would you consider forward thinking and aggressive budgeting a 'cautionary tale'? He's got a plan and motivation, which a lot more than I can say about most of the people I work with.

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