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Comment: Re: load of crock? (Score 2, Insightful) 610

by twosmokes (#30062302) Attached to: OS X Update Officially Kills Intel Atom Support

Wait, so Apple fixed a hardware error and we should cheer them for it? After they gave her the runaround twice? Yes, stellar customer service there.

That's an issue that should have been resolved the first time she brought it to the store. If not then and there she never should have been required to mail the laptop back herself. Which then should have never been returned without a repair.

I'm sure there are many happy Apple customers, I just don't think that's the best story to show how great their service is.

Comment: Bring on the bellyachers (Score 1) 186

by twosmokes (#29977108) Attached to: Is There a Future For Mature Games On Wii?

Here come the 50 slashdot fuddy duddies bemoaning the label the ESRB has chosen to distinguish games with content not meant for children.

Please tell us more stories about how checkers and Mario Party are the most mature games you've ever played. It's a very interesting and fresh perspective.

Comment: Re:PST! (Score 1) 443

by twosmokes (#29176533) Attached to: Avatar, Has Sci-fi Found Its Heaven's Gate?

So explosions and giant, pretty looking smurfs can un-shite a rehashed plot? The GP didn't say it looked poor visually. "Oooh, shiny" says nothing about the story. Which is all I'm looking for anyway. I can live with low budget effects. Not so much low budget story and acting.

And this isn't me passing judgment on the movie. I obviously haven't seen it yet. I reserve the right to wait and see.

Comment: Re:Work Experience (Score 1) 834

by twosmokes (#27905543) Attached to: Go For a Masters, Or Not?

Situations appear to be different in different areas of the country. In several districts in Florida (possibly all of Florida) a master's degree in your field is highly encouraged for HS level and it will come with a substantial bump in pay. In my high school we had quite a few PHDs teaching courses (sadly no nobel prize winners). No degrees in education are required, but a teaching certificate is.

I THINK they're starting to slide retirement plans towards glorified 401Ks and the health insurance plan is absurdly expensive if you want to cover anyone other than yourself.

As for pay scale - it's certainly a livable wage, but nothing comparable to what a person with a master's could be earning in another field.

Comment: Re:Wii? Are you serious? (Score 1) 63

by twosmokes (#27600075) Attached to: Early Look At the New <em>Bionic Commando</em>
Not exactly. It's more like how the car looks. Some people can look past an ugly car and enjoy driving it because of how it steers. Others dread getting into their car because of its boxy look and terrible interior in spite of the fact that it drives well. Then there's a third group who would rather have both.

Comment: Re:Hmm (Score 1) 492

by twosmokes (#27236877) Attached to: Office Depot Employee &mdash; "We Changed Prices Too"
What does any of that have to do with how much I actually pay for my TV to be at my house? I see now has free shipping on most if not all of their sets. That wasn't the case when I was looking. All I'm saying is getting all hopped up over a TV that costs less on newegg is meaningless if they charge for shipping. I don't know how sound your theory is when the 2nd TV I clicked on at newegg is $100 cheaper at Best Buy - LN46A650. And what do you know? Newegg seems to be pushing extended warranties and bundles pretty hard in the checkout.

Comment: Re:Hmm (Score 1) 492

by twosmokes (#27228517) Attached to: Office Depot Employee &mdash; "We Changed Prices Too"

Except I don't get charged $30-$50 for it to be shipped to my house. When I bought my TV about two years ago, I couldn't find the model cheaper than Circuit City or Best Buy after shipping. I could have added Circuit City's extended warranty and only been $20 over the best price I could find online after shipping. And Circuit City had it delivered to my house the next day. For free.

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