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Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 1) 667

When you sit down and analyse a complex issue rationally it becomes very hard to place yourself fully on side of the argument or the other. The analysis should include listening to the opposing views and giving them fair consideration.

I fear the internet allows people to say "I am right and look how many people agree with me!", and they self-select their way to an irrational opinion. In an environment like college where almost everyone has grown up with the internet could this be a contributing factor?

I like the quote, thanks.

Comment Re:BTRFS is the future (Score 1) 150

FreeNAS is FreeBSD 9 or 10 with a config layer over the top for a web interface and idiot proof cli (FreeNAS 10). Nothing is changed from the FreeBSD version of ZFS apart from some sysctl variables.

ZFS is an ENTERPRISE file system, it will eat all the RAM you give it and get faster with more RAM as it can cache more I/O. It is designed run on a well spec'ed server with a UPS.

Of course you can run it on anything FreeBSD supports and try your luck, it works well even then for most people.

Comment Re:What the fuck? (Score 1) 316

I also used them a lot (not so much now after they got stranded on an old machine). However I regularly have enough tabs open that would cripple Chrome, the single process model of Firefox does allow that benefit and is one of the main reasons I am still on Firefox. I wonder if Electrolysis will ever hit stable? It is supposed to allow the 50+ tab counts without using the 5gig+ of RAM like Chrome would.

Comment Re:I thought we all knew those things where BS... (Score 1) 125

Actually I remember reading an article (maybe even from a Slashdot story) about how the UK Boarder Agency has far better results revealing liars by simple asking detailed questions and getting them to elaborate on their "story", rather than using "tells". The idea being that pretty soon they trip themselves up with inconsistencies.

The border agents didn't need the months-to-years of experience required to quickly and accurately pick up on micro-expressions which can easily result in false positives.

Comment Re:A better society has more ridiculous complaints (Score 1) 781

The real reason is that the people doing the complaining are the loud-mouth attention seekers who like to think they are important. You ask any sane member of society if they are offended and the answer is a resounding no.

Reminds me of a particular film critic in the UK (who is actually entertaining) but has a habit of calling out "sexist tropes" in a unusual amount of films he reviews. Turns out these films are; a. usually targeted squarely at women, and b. my anecdotal experience shows that women enjoy the "sexist" parts of a film just as much as men. Funny that.

Comment Re:Programming is a trade (Score 1) 300

There are certainly fundamentals to programming that apply in many areas. If you know the basics of programming surely you are better equipped to handle that complex Excel spreadsheet in an office job, the configuration file as an IT engineer, or running a simulation as a scientist. That should be part of a Computer Science curriculum rather than just "programming" however.

What i find interesting is that you will see one story here about how WhatsApp supports billions of users with 50 engineers. And then this one about how everyone is going to become a programmer. Something doesn't add up...

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