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Comment: My solution (Score 1) 144

by twnth (#48404819) Attached to: What the US Can Learn From Canada's Internet Policy

Basically, if the ISP's are managing service based on content, they are no longer a neutral service provider ("common carrier" like the post office).
Therefore they can be held responsible for the content they're providing. (Hey, they're TAKING the responsibility, we're not dumping it on them)
Therefore the ISP should be charged with trafficking in child pornography the next time one of their users is charged.

I have no doubt that the lawyers will find a way to get the charges dropped, but it should make for some mighty interesting headlines until they do.

Comment: Good idea (Score 5, Informative) 192

by twnth (#46198409) Attached to: Cops With Google Glass: Horrible Idea, Or Good One?

Even up here in the land of the actually free, police are starting to wear cameras (

In my opinion, a camera on a cop is nothing more than an accurate, verifiable eye witness. It won't see or hear anything the officer won't already see and hear. Much better than an officer's memory and notebook.

Using google glasses... good. It won't provide any more information than the officer already has access to, or that can't be mined off a conventional camera's video. It may just provide the info quicker, when the officer needs it.

Maybe it's because I'm a white guy with a job. Maybe it's because I'm Canadian. But as a rule, I trust cops. Sure you get the odd bad cop, or a good cop making a mistake or having a bad day, but that happens with all people. Giving the cops a tool that provides information that might help reduce mistakes, and provides evidence both for and against them, to me is a good thing.

Comment: Re:Upate to the most current (Score 2) 241

by twnth (#45558693) Attached to: New Windows XP Zero-Day Under Attack

I'm not sure that you actually looked at the item I linked to.
Asus T100 "book" is a new product, only been on the market a couple weeks (local retailers here in Alberta got their first shipment last week). Its not the old android transformer that you may be thinking of.
-10" 1388x768. maybe a smidge bigger than the EEE
-full windows 8.1 32bit (not RT), comes with Office 2013 home and student. So it'll run just about anything
-quad core modern atom processor, 2 gig ram, Intel HD graphics. Office, netflix runs just fine. BF4 won't run, but a few games might be playable (look for demo's on youtube, decide for yourself what's playable).
-comes with the keyboard, MicroSD, mini-HDMI, USB3. Ya its a tiny keyboard, but tactile buttons make it quite usable for my small hands to touch type.
-supposed to have an 11 hour battery. Haven't clocked mine yet, but haven't had to recharge during the day yet either.

32gig model cost me $400 (Canadian), so its a bit more than the EEE was back in the day, but still half the money of a Surface Pro (which doesn't come with the keyboard). Home and student goes for $150 around here, so makes it a much easier pill to swallow.

I'm still getting all my tools loaded, but this is my new always handy laptop replacement. Very much what the EEE tried to be.

Comment: how to calclulate infractions (Score 1) 208

by twnth (#42123493) Attached to: Canada Creates Cap On Liability For File Sharing Lawsuits

While the max $5k / infraction seems obvious, I'm not sure how to calculate infractions.

For example, let's say I get busted for 2 Disney movies and cracked EA game. Would I be facing max fines of:
- $5k - one trip to court = 1 infraction
-$10k - 1 infraction from Disney, one from EA
-$15k - one for each Disney movie, one from EA
- something else (eg because of the EA crack)

Anyone with insight or experience in the Canadian intepretation?

Comment: Re:Over all, this was good. (Score 2) 103

by twnth (#41909333) Attached to: Canadian Copyright Reform Takes Effect

IANAL, but as I read it you can copy a dvd to a backup dvd as the digital lock remains intact on the backup, therefore not circumvented or broken.

However, you cannot rip the dvd to another format because that removes the digital lock.

You can rip music, because there is no digital lock to break, and therefore the format shifting is legit.

I think it's a fuzzy area that a court may have to sort out, if a copyright holder decides to push it (for the grand prize of $5000, not likely, I think)

Comment: Re:Blackberry? (Score 1, Insightful) 229

by twnth (#40170709) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Equipping a Company With Secure Android Phones?

As can Exchange through Active Sync (on Android or iOS). Don't invest in a company that is posting a billion in hardware losses this year.

Actually, its shy of a half billion Press Release PDF

They still shipped 14 million units in Q3, still revenue positive, still have 75 million subscribers. Is this up to iphad numbers? No. But they're still profitable and I think they'll be around for quite a while yet.

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