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Comment Snowden is a Patriot (Score 1) 510

Seems the way to counter this effort to demonize Snowden by the people who are criminally spying on everyone is to keep repeating that Snowden is a Patriot. But I see that this course of action will quickly degenerate into a shouting match. I'm pretty certain I would lose any shouting match to an idiot, so the percentages don't look good here.

Comment Data Acquisition is Proabably the Real Motive (Score 2) 112

"Oh, and we'll have to bill you for charging your vehicle of course. Just sign here to authorize us to obtain your credentials wirelessly anytime your vehicle passes over a manhole cover."

Who needs old fashioned tracking devices that have to be surreptitiously installed under a vehicle? You just gave them permission to track you full time.

Comment Corruption (Score 3, Interesting) 871

Do you still trust those same police officers to handle the other aspects of your case fairly?


To make sure any exculpatory evidence is brought to light?


To interrogate other witnesses without leading them towards a pre-set conclusion?

And... No.

I have been a juror on criminal trials and I am always surprised at how hard it is to tell the difference between the cops and the criminals.

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