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Comment Exactly (Score 1) 197

This is exactly what I did a few years ago. "Reading" glasses set for a focal length of about 25 inches. Mine use a full size lense, not the little half height ones typically found in reading glasses. While you are at it, get the glare reducing coating and non-reflective frames. Eyeglasses like these will allow you to see the whole screen without moving your head around to find the right focal point.

I use regular progressive bifocals for everything but computer work. If you try to use typical reading glasses from the dollar store for computer work, you will be tilting your head in a very awkward angle in focus the screen. Same thing for progressives or the old fashioned bifocals.

Comment Snowden is a Patriot (Score 1) 510

Seems the way to counter this effort to demonize Snowden by the people who are criminally spying on everyone is to keep repeating that Snowden is a Patriot. But I see that this course of action will quickly degenerate into a shouting match. I'm pretty certain I would lose any shouting match to an idiot, so the percentages don't look good here.

Comment Data Acquisition is Proabably the Real Motive (Score 2) 112

"Oh, and we'll have to bill you for charging your vehicle of course. Just sign here to authorize us to obtain your credentials wirelessly anytime your vehicle passes over a manhole cover."

Who needs old fashioned tracking devices that have to be surreptitiously installed under a vehicle? You just gave them permission to track you full time.

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