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twitter's Journal: Not even Intel wants Vista.

Journal by twitter

One sign of growing strife between M$ and Intel is that Intel has no plans to move its 80,000 desktop workforce to Vista.

When a company as tech savvy as Intel, with full source code access and having written several large chunks of the OS, says get stuffed, you know you have a problem. Well, everyone knows MS has a problem, but it is nice to see it codified in such a black and white way though.

Vista in undeployable by anyone with a grain of common sense. The impressive thing is that it just might lead to a waving off of MS entirely, they are the underdog for the next round of upgrades.

Linux is a distinct possibility, they already have an in-house distro that causes employees look nervously around the room when you talk about it. Although it is not a desktop variant, there is no reason that they could not roll one given two years.

Has Intel seen the free software light?

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Not even Intel wants Vista.

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