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twitter's Journal: M$ Bloggers Lash Out Against Vista Critics.

Journal by twitter

If you don't like Vista, you must be a bigot or a liar. That sentiment expressed in this fanboy article has numerous echos on the M$ echo chamber. The author tries to prove that Vista is an upgrade to XP that delivered most of the features M$ promised. The author dares anyone to remember what M$ promissed and then goes on to dismiss a substantial list of features present in XP that are no longer in Vista as unimportant.

Roughlydrafted does a good job of remembering M$'s vaporware fraud. In 1991, the list of features was called Cario, and was designed to look better than Next and other competitors. When XP was released these features morphed into the "three pillars of Longhorn" and soon they will be a promised set of the next version of Windows. If you cut through the buzzwords what you get is a promise of speed, stability and portability from code rewrites that are never delivered. Vista, with it's digital restrictions insanity, is a larger throwback than ever. The feature set delivered was the one that big media asked for, not customers. The shiny, dumbed down UI has done more to infuriate customers than fool them this time.

The backlash against Vista is universal and well grounded. Everyone, from PC Magazine editors and hardware executives to working moms, has expressed their dissapointment and dissatisfaction. The groundswell of people noticing that Vista is a downgrade is encouraging. Hopefully, they will notice that things have always been this way and head for the speed, stability and standards compliance offered by free sotware and honest vendors like Apple or Sun.

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M$ Bloggers Lash Out Against Vista Critics.

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