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twitter's Journal: PC World Reports Mass Vista Editorial Apology and Revolt.

Journal by twitter

From the author's own former boss to The Atlantic, everyone in the tech press is apologizing for having recommended Vista and telling people to stay away from it. Everything from bugs to bad business practices are cited as problems. James Fallows of the Atlantic writes:

I have made two important bad calls [in 25 years of tech journalism, rejecting mac in 1984 and] I said that users should wait to buy new computers until the new version of Windows, Vista, was available -- and that "of course" they should buy Vista-equipped machines once they could. That was wrong. I apologize.

... this initial release of Vista is not worth it ... I find myself working against it more than with it. [long list of bloat, bugs and annoyances follows]

PC Wrold's Steve Bass writes, "I'm still ignoring Vista":

I'll spent a few days playing with it, then feel grateful I'm still using XP.

The comments are as interesting as the article, with explosive statements like "bolting for the [Linux and Mac] exits".

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PC World Reports Mass Vista Editorial Apology and Revolt.

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