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twitter's Journal: BBC Says Don't Upgrade to Vista.

Journal by twitter

Tim Weber, BBC Business editor, described his Vista upgrade ordeal and warns users not to do it. The Vista Upgrade Advisor underestimated what he needed, it took him more than three hours, cost more than $200 in new parts, broke his web cam and pocket PC and left him with an unstable system. The vendors tell him there will be no drivers and that he should have bought new devices long ago. He summarizes the end result:

The Windows "sidebar" may look nicer than Google desktop, but it crashes regularly and infuriates me because its "gadgets" can not be customised.

I've had two Vista crashes so far - not a blue but a black screen ... everywhere I look, there are blogs and forums full of people who have problems with software drivers and suffer the poor customer support of the hundreds of hardware and software vendors that make up the Windows ecosystem.

His final advice does not really address his broken toy issues.

So would I do it again? The answer is no. Do what I originally had planned to do. Wait for half a year until the driver issues are settled and then buy a new PC. .... I know, I know, I'm a sucker for technology.

He's right about that, if you substitute Microsoft for technology. A saying comes to mind, "Microsoft turns a new computer into gargage. Linux turns garbage into a new computer."

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BBC Says Don't Upgrade to Vista.

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