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Comment: Re:Display Port? No thank you. (Score 1) 356

by twitchingbug (#34515988) Attached to: Goodbye, VGA

Two points

1) DisplayPort is capable of carrying audio, which makes it a (possible) one cable solution
2) I get that the connectors break on campus, because the backs of computers can be open walkways, etc... but for a standard desktop at home? I doubt you're going to get enough traffic behind your desk to cause anything to hit it.

Comment: Re:Not true (Score 2, Insightful) 221

by twitchingbug (#33193464) Attached to: Study Says Your Personality Doesn't Change After 1st Grade

Why is everyone slamming this guy for spending 70k on himself? It's his money, obviously he thought it was worth it. Sounds like he is a better person for it all around. I applaud you, sir. Not everyone is as brave as you are. Not everyone has the strength to face their own demons.

Comment: Re:Nokia N900 vs. iPhone 3Gs (Score 1) 345

by twitchingbug (#31449142) Attached to: Multitasking In For iPhone 4.0?

Seriously, you should compare them side by side. Go to an apple store. Start opening up 6 or 7 apps in the same order. When you open the app, it should animate like it's expanding from the center of the screen to fill it and pushes the icons away. When you press hte home button the reverse happens. The app shrinks into the center, and then the icons slide into position from the sides.

On my phone, this animation stutters,skips frames. On the 3GS, it's rock solid smooth.

Comment: Re:TiVo invented timeshifting? (Score 1) 490

by twitchingbug (#31292306) Attached to: The Sad History and (Possibly) Bright Future of TiVo

For you, I understand that Tivo is better than a smartphone plan. I get it.

But you can't really argue that it's that way for the general public. Money has spoken and _in most cases_ people are willing to front the $80 bucks vs a Tivo, which is why Tivo is in trouble, and Apple is raking in a fortune.

a couple points:

1) 15 years ago, cell phones were just becoming mainstream
2) I'll argue that 15 years ago, people _wanted_ information wherever/whenever - it just wasn't technically feasible, or exorbitantly expensive
3) There aren't many options for non monthly fee cell phone plans - sure there are prepaid plans, but there's some threshold of talk time for which a regular plan makes sense. This point applies to those people.
4) most people have cell phones already. Which makes the data plan upsell easier.

Comment: Re:Landis grew up a Mennonite (Score 1) 259

by twitchingbug (#31157894) Attached to: Tour de France Champion Accused of Hacking

About the synthetic testosterone - two points.

1) There were rumors that you could use a testosterone patch to speed healing/recovery and the dosage amounts would be so minimal as to not be detected.

2) if my first point is true, then simply because it's "known" to only be a long term actor, if it was detected, this could be used as a defense.

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