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Comment Re:Pretty reasonable (Score 0) 235

He's shown a willingness to harm others for profit.

I'm not sure whether or not that is enough for jail time, but right now I'm leaning towards yes. When I think if EU prisons though I don't think of what it is like in the US, though I'm sure some of their members must have similar conditions.

What is jail like in England? What is life like afterwards? If this will wreck his life, like felony convictions in the US can, I do think it's harsh.

Comment I'm surprised I haven't seen it mentioned (Score 1) 669

I have really enjoyed Path of Exile lately. If you are looking for a good arpg experience that is less pay to win than Diablo 3, this is a good choice. You really can enjoy all the content the game offers for free, and there is nothing you can buy with real money that will make your character more viable.

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