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Comment: Re:Antitrust investigation? (Score 1) 211 211

But they do list them, every 3rd party merchant in their network can list the book for sale. Amazon will assist in the transaction in the same manner they have for any other purchases made from those merchants, including showing the books in the search results.

Comment: I'm surprised I haven't seen it mentioned (Score 1) 669 669

I have really enjoyed Path of Exile lately. If you are looking for a good arpg experience that is less pay to win than Diablo 3, this is a good choice. You really can enjoy all the content the game offers for free, and there is nothing you can buy with real money that will make your character more viable.

Comment: Re:RULES ARE THERE FOR A REASON! (Score 2) 470 470

Every example you have stated is just flat out protectionism, and is not something our gov't should be involved in.

Progress often means the status quo becomes outdated.

Who the fuck likes a car salesman anyway? I can't imagine there is a lot of support to retain those jobs.

Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.