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Comment Re:Unlimited for one year (Score 1) 418

If Netflix felt their employees were more average, they may fear abuse....Also notice that Netflix employees in distribution centers don't get this benefit. Only their most valuable and skilled employees qualify.

These poor people they fear will "abuse" maternity leave are already used to getting only 4 weeks leave and going right back to work. They simply cannot afford not working for an extended period. People in higher paid jobs already get more maternity leave, and are allotted more sick leave which they can use for maternity leave. This fear of a woman repeatedly having babies to avoid work is irrational. I think a lot of people responding here are assuming Netflix is giving them full salary for a year.

Comment Re:Obsolete crypto shows problem of software paten (Score 1) 93

This illustrates one of the key reasons software (that is, algorithms) shouldn't be patentable: the field moves so fast that 20-year patent protection isn't useful.

So what's your stance on RSA, one of the early software patents, which is still used everywhere?

Comment Re:Yes, you ARE stupid (Score 5, Insightful) 176

It may not be as stupid as you think, just naive. She even forgave the scammer, which I believe suggests he provided some great conversation and (fake) friendship. Remember guys, great conversation to women can be as good as a strip tease to men. Also, unless she spent all the money (it doesn't say), $300,000 to a 76 year old is not the same as $300,000 to a 26 year old. Any older person with that much spare money has all their needs taken care of, except for companionship, perhaps. The only obvious losers are her heirs, who should just get jobs anyway.

Comment Re:FUD (Score 0) 398

All of you guys are lying. I've heard numerous white guys talk ad nauseum about numerous unqualified black people with all their advantages, for the past 30 years. 1) You probably work with 1 or 0 black people. 2) You all are complaining about the same black person you saw in a TV ad. 3) Your employers are cowards if they are afraid to fire (these hypothetical) incompetent black workers. Don't blame black people for this, even if it's just your imagination.

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