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Comment Re:Demonstrable experience - with evidence in supp (Score 0) 523

There is a good reason why Degrees are expensive and everyone wants one, otherwise whats the point! I've been in IT since the early 80's and I struggled for years tryng to get a goog paying job without a degree. It doesn't matter what you know, for most businesses they have to sift through hundreds of applications, and they start by looking at your qualifiactions first and throw the rest away. Once I got my BA in IT I landed a good IT job a month after graduation, proof is in the pudding! Get a degree or suffer the same fate as everyone else at the bottom!

Comment Freelance or get Degree! (Score 0) 523

Unfortunately in the world we live in today, not having a degree will put you at the bottom of the list for employment. There are too many other IT people out there looking for work that have degrees and skills, employers don't have time to assess your knowledge, they want proof on paper. No degree? then freelance your skills like millions of other people.

Comment Re:Garbage (Score 1) 122

BB users have been accustomed to clunky slow phones with limited features. I remember speaking with a prior BB user who told me how they loved their phone, but after showing them my Android phone and all it could do; they weren't too enthused about their BB afterwards. Eventually they ditched their BB phone for an iPhone and wished they had done so much sooner.

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