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+ - Meet your friends in the middle!

Submitted by
Marc writes "Mezzoman is fun utility that allows its users to enter their address and the address of a friend and find things to do or to see in between them. The app also provides the ability to adjust your midpoint by dragging it, which in turn offers up another set of relavent search results. The app is based on the google maps api and the google maps search ajax api. Please check it out, we would love to hear from you since we are currently in Beta and are looking forward to the next phase of development."

+ - Doctor Who series four is go

Submitted by netglen
netglen (253539) writes "Doctor Who series four is go
By Lester Haines _series_four/

"There will be a fourth series of Doctor Who, writer/producer Russell T Davies has confirmed, although he refused to say whether David Tennant would continue in the lead role.

Speaking at the London premiere of the third series, Davies declared: "Series four is officially existing. I'm very excited, but we have known for ages." Tennant refused to be drawn on his possible participation, telling the press: "Do you know how many times I have been asked that question? Do you know how many times I have answered it?"

Series three kicks off on BBC One on 31 March. It features Freema Agyeman as the Doc's new assistant Martha Jones, replacing Billie Piper as Rose Tyler who decided to hang up her time-travelling boots. Agyeman said: "Billie did a tremendous job. I know no one likes change but the nature of the show is change and hopefully fans will be cool with that and give me a chance."

Highlights of the new series are a Dalek two-parter and the Doctor "sharing a kiss" with Martha Jones in the first episode. Hot stuff."

My big question is will Devros ever come back in the new series. :D"

+ - Novell Launches MIT-like OpenCourseWare

Submitted by
meta4 writes "At the annual BrainShare conference today, Novell announced Novell OpenCourseWare, a site like MIT OpenCourseWare or any of the other OCWs at universities around the world. The site provides access to Creative Commons-licensed training materials you would study before taking a Novell certification exam. Seems like, even in the corporate world, openness isn't just for software anymore."

+ - Friends Swap Twitters, and Frustration

Submitted by
WSJdpatton writes "The growth of services like Twitter and Dodgeball, which tie together instant messaging, social networking and wireless communication, elicits mixed feelings in the technology-savvy people who have been their early adopters. Fans say they are a good way to keep in touch with busy friends. But some users are starting to feel "too" connected, as they grapple with check-in messages at odd hours, higher cellphone bills and the need to tell acquaintances to stop announcing what they're having for dinner."

+ - Sony PSP Firmware Battle vs Open Source Developers

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The BBC is running an article entitled Three hacker teams unlock the PSP. The article summarizes the efforts of Open Source developers (including quick descriptions of the renowned Dark_Alex and Fanjita) to unlock the DRM'd Sony handheld. Thanks to their efforts, the Sony PSP homebrew community has become an excellent example of how much value can be added to a hardware product if developers are given the freedom to exercise their creativity. Some examples of interesting homebrew projects include PSPRadio: an "Online Streaming Music Client" supporting shoutcast stations, PSPoste: an SMTP/POP3 email client supporting SSL/TLS, Lua Player: allows users to write applications in the Lua scripting language. Many other homebrew examples can be found at PSP Hacks."
Wireless Networking

+ - People with WiFi surf more

Submitted by MC Gates
MC Gates (666) writes "A new study from the Pwer Internet & American Life Project shows that people who have WiFi at home spend more time online than those without. 'A survey of 798 Internet users found that 72 percent of wireless users check e-mail at least once a day, while only 63 percent of wired broadband users do so. The same pattern held true for reading news online, suggesting that wireless access offers "relentless connectivity" that might change a person's online behavior.' WiFi users also tend to be younger than the general 'net-using population, as they are concentrated between 18 and 49 years of age, instead of 30 to 64 like the general surfing public."

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