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Comment: Re:There are working alternatives already (Score 1) 420 420

The blog standard is far superior, where usually the incorrect section is stricken through (but left readable) with a statement right below saying what they got wrong. The key is that the correction is attached to the original media, far stronger a correction.

For a newspaper to make a correction, they have to do something that will be seen, and evidence is left behind of what was there before. When you change something online, you can just change it and deny that it was ever anything else.

Comment: Re:Protestant Work Ethic (Score 1) 339 339

I'm pretty sure he doesn't mean "rigorous" in the math sense of the word (or even the dictionary definition now that I look at it). Most likely it is just used as a synonym for "a lot of work."

That said, it sounds to me more like a course that teaches you what calculus can do, not a course in how to do calculus. It is of different value, but not necessarily less, especially for people taking calculus for different purposes.

Comment: Re:I don't see how this matters (Score 1) 339 339

As a HS math teacher in training, I've been thinking about this after reading this guy's idea. Long story short, lots of little tests, one given for every idea or concept. Unlimited re-tests are allowed, as it's a lot easier to do now that tests are short 5-10 minute things, so you are grading based on what the student knows at the end of the class.

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