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Comment And make believe occurs when? (Score 5, Insightful) 235

It saddens me. This takes away a child's ability to put words in Barbie's mouth. It also helps parents abdicate the responsibility of answering the child's questions themselves. Why should a child turn to talking Barbie? Because, like the ipad, it keeps the parent free to ignore parenting a little bit more. Inevitable, I guess, but sad.

Comment Re:Wow... (Score 1) 35

Looks to me like it's just a question of, has any serious manufacturer tried their hand at it. Many routes exist to synthesize the Al NPs (see "Methods for synthesis of Al NPs ) and whoever licenses the technology will figure out how to make them cheaply. I mean, you could just do it in a giant glovebox to avoid the problem of the Al oxidizing.

Comment Re:Caps Lock used to power a huge lever. (Score 1) 698

I think this is where we get to the information in the summary that managers type almost 6x as many characters as programmers, and they like to feel like they're in charge, so dream on, programmers, the managers, who mimic the secretaries of yesteryear in their lack of a need for control keys or other useful keys, will keep things as they''ve always been.

Comment Re:Yes, more people is better (Score 1) 365

You wrote: "Bad stuff disappear by attrition while good product are shared."

I wish it would happen much quicker, though. Example: I think I need an app. I read a CNET review of the best app for that specific purpose. I download it, install it, and it doesn't do what I want and what the CNET review said it would. Many thousands have downloaded this selfsame app. WTF? How do I know which is a quality app when android users and writers supposedly reviewing the products will settle so low?

Comment Re: ... and the hype for Windows 10 begins.... (Score 4, Insightful) 405

Yes, I feel like I'm in preschool with the big, bulky Legos when I want the cool small ones. And the big bulky Legos have all this crap in them reporting everything to Microsoft. Also, they are less versatile than small legos. All I want are executable programs that do what I want them to do and no more and don't share my personal data.

This reminds me of recent questions, can anyone build a car that can't be hacked? Well, yes, all the cars built 2 decades ago can't be hacked and contain all the features I want in a car (drives from A to B, air conditioning, heater, radio).

- Take me back to 1984. Please.

Comment Re:Does indeed happen. (Score 1) 634

I'm wondering if this is simply a case of people feeling weird having a subordinate 10-20 years younger than themselves or bringing a 45 year old onto a team with a bunch of twenty-somethings.

Oh please. Older workers cost more (healthcare costs), won't put up with as much crap, and won't be in the workforce as long.

Also if you fire them, they can sue you based on Age Discrimination. Why do you think there's a law against discriminating against a person by age? Hmm, how did I ever get hired?

Comment Re:PDF link to PDF exploit (Score 1) 117

Why are you talking about browsers like it's an either/or? I use Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Iron, and even Internet Explorer depending on what I want to be doing, what cookies I want kept on the browser, etc. Firefox is poor at reading pdfs, though.

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