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Comment: Re:I won't notice (Score 2) 300

by turbidostato (#48895771) Attached to: UHD Spec Stomps on Current Blu-ray Spec, But Will Consumers Notice?

"I disagree. I've watched a Blu Ray played on a 50" HDTV at 1920x1080 resolution, and next to it a 50" 4K (3880xwhatever) television was playing some UHD content. The difference in definition was very easy to see from even ten feet away."

On a mall, I bet.

Maybe you are an expert and I'm wrong, but you probably were fooled to think the UHD was better by gaming the controls of both screens.

Comment: Re:Hello insurance fraud (Score 1) 199

"the insurer absolutely will think you committed fraud"

Absolutly yes, of course. Heck! they probably default to think there's a fraud even if lacking any evidence.

A very different thing is for them to *demonstrate* there's a fraud or, at least, being a civil case, that it heavily smells like fraud.

"The police will then report that the skid marks indicate that the car must have been travelling at at least 50mph, not the 20mph indicated by the dongle."

And the insured will claim that his coverage is bound to the dongle as per the contract since his anual bill is also bound to it. So, on one hand, the insured will claim the real-time measures from the dongle are correct and, on the other, that even if they are wrong, his coverage and liabilities are bound to the dongle as per contract.

Comment: Re:Hello insurance fraud (Score 1) 199

"And the excess damage?"

What excess damage? You (the insurance company) have the data, and here is my car. There's no "excess damage", just "damage".

Do you think (the insurance company) that my accident should render less damage? That's not my problem, I'm neither a materials engineer, nor I designed my car.

Do you think I commited fraud? Why do you think so? Maybe because you know your devices are easily hackable? Maybe I should sue you (the insurance company) for puting me at risk for your lack of due diligence.

Comment: Re:Civility shouldn't have borders (Score 2) 358

by turbidostato (#48842391) Attached to: Linus On Diversity and Niceness In Open Source

"While "nice guys finish last" is often extrapolated (dubiously) to areas like dating"

There's another adage that outdates this one: "all's fair in love and war" and, in Cervantes' words "Love and war are all one . . . It is lawful to use sleights and stratagems to . . . attain the wished end."

"Some bosses - like Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, or pre-mellowing Bill Gates were legendary assholes and still got great results out of their employees. There are other people who manage their employees with a gentler hand and play to their strengths, and get good results too."

You see how you had no problem to name some sucessful assholes but still didn't provide any name in the "sucessful but very nice" side?

"just remember that - to fight adage with adage - "you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.""

Right. But then, be it either using honey or vinegar, catching all those flies doesn't look like being so nice, once you kill them, don't you think so?

Comment: Re:Mail between exchanges (Score 2) 174

"A bad deficiency we still are having is that the mail traffic between mail exchange servers is typically unencrypted."

No, it is not a deficiency but a feature as it highlights that anything but end-to-end encryption is pure rubish (and end-to-end encryption is not so perfect considering that at least one of the two ends can be already pwned).

Comment: Re:Kind of expected this logic from the goverment (Score 1) 174

"The thing that you're forgetting is that you could run for office if you think you're so much better?"

Yes, someone could run for office. But would stand a chance without public visibility and media campaign funded by the powers-that-be?

Comment: Re:It's a badly written article/summary (Score 1) 481

by turbidostato (#48837885) Attached to: IEEE: New H-1B Bill Will "Help Destroy" US Tech Workforce

"Socialism isn't bad per se, but it has inefficiencies that reduce total wealth creation [...] Think of it as being a pie {...] In most scenarios the average person ends up with more pie"

Let's say I accept all you say. That, in fact, the ability to "produce pies" of northern-europe style socialdemocracies is in fact shorter than that of "free hands" capitalism and that in most scenarios that ends up with "less pie" for the average person.

It seems that current globablized world (and the one in the years to come) is one of those scenarios that make the exception: the average citizen ends up with less pie now, even if the pie is bigger.

Comment: Re:design flaw with placement of antenna (Score 1) 130

by turbidostato (#48831203) Attached to: Lost Beagle2 Probe Found 'Intact' On Mars

"Perhaps the placement of the antenna was a design flaw?"

It doesn't look like. The antenna needs energy to work and the energy comes from the solar panels. Given such a dependency it doesn't seem wrong to make the antenna serviceable dependendant on the solar panels being deployed -with the nice side effect that the panels will somehow protect the antenna at landing.

Comment: Re:parachutes? (Score 2) 130

by turbidostato (#48831135) Attached to: Lost Beagle2 Probe Found 'Intact' On Mars

"I guess the circuits controlling communications got screwed up, so it was assumed to be lost."

I know this is Slashdot and people is not expected to RTFA but you... guess!!!???

From the header:
"Beagle's design incorporated a series of deployable "petals," on which were mounted its solar panels. From the images, it seems that this system did not unfurl fully. "Without full deployment, there is no way we could have communicated with it as the radio frequency antenna was under the solar panels," explained Prof Mark Sims, Beagle's mission manager from Leicester University."

Comment: Re:Hope the trend continues. (Score 5, Insightful) 261

by turbidostato (#48831083) Attached to: Google Releases More Windows Bugs

"Except without the public posting of them."

Except the menace of the public posting seems to be the only way for the vendor to move forward.

Is my bet that if Microsoft were doing their best effort to patch the bug and keep informed Google about it and the expected resolution time, they wouldn't have released the information.

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