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Comment Re:Supply chain mark-ups (Score 2) 70

This harks back to a practice among IT companies some years back called (I think) 'transfer pricing'. By charging the local branch of the company a very high cost price, the item could still be sold at a high price with little markup to be taxed in the local jurisdiction.

Comment Re:Opt-out (Score 1) 212

Nice try, but this has nothing to do with the Australian Government.

Telstra and other ISPs are implementing a blacklist that is managed by Interpol.

The same system is in use by some ISPs in the UK and other European countries.

And as far as the list goes, it is actually very conservative in its definition of child pornography, only classifying sites depicting minors under 13, not under 18.

Nothing to do with the Australian Government? You've go to be fucking joking. Do you think that Interpol asked Telstra and Optus to please start filtering this list of sites? It was the government who 'requested' the ISP's to start filtering. Interpol just happen to have a list that the Australian Government has decided to use. Interpol has a lot less power than you seem to think.

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