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Flash Builder 4 — Defective By Design? 66

Posted by timothy
from the mote-in-your-eye dept.
ApolloX writes "Adobe has released its new version of the Flex Builder, now renamed Flash Builder 4. This version is radically different from previous versions of Flex, introducing the new Spark architecture and theme support. While I am pleased Adobe has finally added support for Eclipse 3.5, I am disappointed with some of the new architecture changes that make doing simple things, such as skinning a button, now quite cumbersome."

Bill To Ban All Salt In Restaurant Cooking 794

Posted by timothy
from the too-stupid-to-live-as-long-as-possible dept.
lord_rotorooter writes "Felix Ortiz, D-Brooklyn, introduced a bill that would ruin restaurant food and baked goods as we know them. The measure (if passed) would ban the use of all forms of salt in the preparation and cooking of food for all restaurants or bakeries. While the use of too much salt can contribute to health problems, the complete banning of salt would have negative impacts on food chemistry. Not only does salt enhance flavor, it controls bacteria, slows yeast activity and strengthens dough by tightening gluten. Salt also inhibits the growth of microbes that spoil cheese."

Comment: Re:I'm not seeing it. (Score 1) 249

by tubapro12 (#29989950) Attached to: AT&T Sues Verizon Over "Map For That" Ads
I can attest with that speed difference. The other day in the middle of nowhere, OK a friend and I were both loading the same videos from Youtube. I (VZW) used the specially designed Youtube app for my phone and he (ATT) was using the RTSP links from their website (I don't know how the Youtube app works so I don't know if it would affect speed). Anyhow, by the time my phone had finished downloading the video he has still only halfway done downloading the same.

Comment: Re:SO if I (Score 1) 207

by tubapro12 (#27366887) Attached to: Australian ISP Argues For BitTorrent Users
Quoted from Volda (1113105):

A better apology would be say 100 people bought the same car then each person fabricate a few parts and gives it to other people who are then able to form the full car after collecting the pieces from the other 100 people. I think what they are trying to prove is that a individual that uses bit torrent is only giving another person a part of the info they need to complete a file. For them to be able to prosecute they would have to prosecute everyone who is sharing the copies. All or none basically. I believe fair use laws are being used to somewhat protect bit torrent users in this case. It may work for a while but i have no doubt that the politicians will start to make new laws specifying that even a part of a file is equal to the whole file.

There, fixed that for you.

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