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Comment Re:I printed one - BoM incomplete and total cost (Score 1) 54

I think that tbe design is intented to be printed on your own 3d printer, not sent out to a service. At that point each of the parts reduces to a few cents each. When i reviewed the parts there was an obvious 3d printed t piece, in fact it was one of tbe larger parts. This sounds like a troll.

Comment Re:Was your stethoscope 3D printed in Gaza? (Score 1) 54

1) You can build a 3d printer easily out of scrap parts, its not complicated.
2) Most 3d printer tech comes from india and china, who dont have the same problems with shipping stuff to that part of the world.
3) if you want to a 3d printer can be broken down into a bunch of small parts that are easily smuggled.

Comment Re:Just wait for round 3 (Score 1) 301

You can probaly guarentee that some of the idiots on this site have used thier email account password as the password for the AM site, and in most corps that is also the password that provides access to thier network accessible resources.

Once you get access to somebodies email account, you can pretty much take over thier life.

Comment Re:A country sized face palm event. (Score 1) 751

In places where it has been tried, its always had a net positive impact. Young people stay in education for longer, so become more educated, that impacts positivly in the local economies. Each of the experimental trials also noted that the number of people working increased as people could slide into work and picking up a few hours work a week did not cause thier income to crater. Once the "traps" are removed people are freed to grow into either full employment or to a level that suits them.

Comment Re:Guaranteed Income Vs Basic Income (Score 1) 751

That requires a whole system of means testing, punishment for non declaration of addintional income etc, basic income just avoids all that, no rules, so no rule makers and no rule enforcers. Im supprised that tbe US folks are not more responsive to this as its the ultimate form of goverment shrinkage.

Comment Re:It still uses other parts, though. (Score 1) 179

The photo in the article is wrong, the one in the picture is the litmann device, i have looked at the printed parts and the assembled product looks nothing like the one in the photo. It does not use a y tube at all, but has a printed y junction box. Straight lengths of tubing connect to that. The diaphram in the cheap printed one is a circle of plastic card cut from a file folder.

Comment Re:no (Score 1) 272

I have one windows machine left at home (more accuratly one bootable partition on a machine that spends most of its time in fedora), and it only exists to run Age of Empires ii and iii and starcraft 1 and 2.

The second i can find a reliable way of runing those games inside a vm or emulation on linux, that partition gets the big heave ho. However reliable is an issue at the moment, even VM's seem to choke on some of them.

Comment Re:Interesting; likely more limited than advertise (Score 1) 82

It should also be able to do validations, ie you can say "is this valium", and it would be able to say yes or no, by matching the signature of valium as seen through its hardware. I guess that why the cloud db is there, its not so much doing analysis and working out what the thing is from its consituents, but matching the signal it gets with a db of things that have been scaned by tbe device that are already known.

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