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+ - Jobs v. Steve Jobs: Hollywood Takes Another Stab at Telling the Steve Jobs Story 1 1

theodp writes: Didn't like Jobs, the 2013 biopic about the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher? Maybe you'll prefer Steve Jobs, the 2015 biopic about the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs starring Michael Fassbender. "Steve Jobs is a tech visionary, total dick," writes Esquire's Matt Patches in his mini-review of the just-released Steve Jobs trailer. So, is inspiring kids to become the "Next Steve Jobs" a good or bad thing?

+ - Qt 5.5 released->

mx+b writes: The latest version of Qt, the cross platform GUI toolkit and development platform, is out for all major platforms. Highlights include better 3D, multimedia, and web support, as well as better support for the latest OS X and Windows releases (including Windows 10) and more Linux distributions.
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+ - How the next US nuclear accident will happen->

Lasrick writes: Anthropologist Hugh Gusterson analyzes safety at US nuclear facilities and finds a disaster waiting to happen due to an over-reliance on automated security technology and private contractors cutting corners to increase profits. Gusterson follows on the work of Eric Schlosser, Frank Munger, and Dan Zak in warning us of the serious problems at US nuclear facilities, both in the energy industry and in the nuclear security complex.
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+ - Meet microservices: The next big trend after cloud computing->

mattydread23 writes: There's an old proverb among engineers of all stripes: "Better, cheaper, faster — pick two." But when it comes to the mobile apps that increasingly rule our world, we demand all three, every single day. So big tech companies like Amazon, Netflix, and PayPal have completely rethought how they build their products, using bleeding-edge technologies that they developed themselves to take one big problem and make it a lot of smaller ones. And startups are starting to jump aboard too, as this trend makes it much easier to get started and stay lean. Sort of like the cloud computing was 5 years ago.
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+ - Why Software Development Isn't A Straight March Forward->

jfruh writes: In Pali, the term for which is paiccasamuppda ('mutual arising') means that every action contains the seeds of unknown others, including ones that work toward its own destruction. We can see this in our national political life — when, for instance, a young white man who tried to start a race war by killing nine black people spurred a movement to remove Confederate flags from statehouses instead. And, according to webmaster Sasha Akhavi, we see it in software development as well, where our actions cause nowhere near the linear march towards success that we would like.
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+ - Depression: The secret struggle startup founders won't talk about->

mattydread23 writes: In May, Cambrian Genomics CEO Austen Heinz committed suicide. The news stunned friends and family, and sparked a conversation about the growing problem of depression among startup founders. Some estimates say 30% of startup founders suffer from depression, but many are reluctant to talk about their struggle for fear of alienating investors and employees. This feature by Business Insider includes conversations with a friend of Heinz, plus many investors and other startup founders who are starting to talk about the problem and figure out how to make things better.
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Comment: Re:hit and miss (Score 1) 668 668

A lot of natural or "old wives cures" are not really alternative medicine, many when scientificaly studied lead to the discovery of medicinal substances that add to the range of drugs that can be prescribed.
Many plant extracts contain active substances which are analogs of established active pharmacological substances.

My favorite is "bitter mellon gourd" which has been used in se asia for thousands of years for treating many conditions, its a known antioxidant, and contains an enzym that acellerates glucose absorbsion from the bloodstream. Im sure multiple drug companies are studying it for its effects.

Having said all that homeopathy is total bullshit...

Comment: Re: If Snowden could do it, so could many, many ot (Score 2, Interesting) 157 157

There was no suggestion he was a problem, in fact i belive he is a hero too, i was just pointing out that other goverment actors may not be using him or the people with access to his trove as a source of inteligence, but as cover for activities they have already undertaken, as bruce has implied.

Comment: Re:If Snowden could do it, so could many, many oth (Score 4, Interesting) 157 157

In fact snowden may have inadvertantly given them cover, now they can act on the intelligence in the files they stole from the NSA directly without revealing that they powned the NSA networks because the world thinks that snowden did it.

Comment: Re:Bruce Schneier the paranoid cryptographer (Score 4, Interesting) 157 157

They are probaly on machines that accessed by other machines that may either permenatly or tempoarily connected to the internet. You can build malware that could be used to infect a laptop that waits until it is connected to an internal network and then grabs files for later transmission when its reconnected to the internet.

Remember that the incompetance of any goverment agency is dependant on its weakest link and tends to infinity..

Comment: Re:f**k the World Cup (Score 1) 194 194

If you look up the screen, you will see a nice big "back" button, press that, and off you go an play in the next article, and leave the grown ups alone to get on with thier discussion...

It might not interest you, but others are more well rounded individuals, and we can cope with hold a discussion of a corrupt official using youtube ( a technology much loved and loathed by nerds ) to beg for money and display his stupidity.

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