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Comment Re:no (Score 1) 257 257

I have one windows machine left at home (more accuratly one bootable partition on a machine that spends most of its time in fedora), and it only exists to run Age of Empires ii and iii and starcraft 1 and 2.

The second i can find a reliable way of runing those games inside a vm or emulation on linux, that partition gets the big heave ho. However reliable is an issue at the moment, even VM's seem to choke on some of them.

Comment Re:Interesting; likely more limited than advertise (Score 1) 82 82

It should also be able to do validations, ie you can say "is this valium", and it would be able to say yes or no, by matching the signature of valium as seen through its hardware. I guess that why the cloud db is there, its not so much doing analysis and working out what the thing is from its consituents, but matching the signal it gets with a db of things that have been scaned by tbe device that are already known.

Comment Re:Other opponents (Score 1) 446 446

How is printing of a lable going to make the food more expensive, its only going to effect non-gmo products as they will have to remain complient, as organic products do today. But your average box of corn dogs from walmart is just going to slap "contains GMO ingredients" on the side of it and its job done, 20c per million boxes. Adding the lables is almost cost free, keeping the non gmo products free of contamination will be costly, but then a proportion of people would be willing to pay for that, and you have opened up a whole new premium market, as has happened with organic produce. The lables provide for choice. You pay your money and takes your choice, cheap gmo food or expesive non-gmo food, what is the problem? Where is the cost?.

This whole thing sounds more like idealology than common sense. People cant be trusted to make choices, or so some belive. The US is founded on personal responsability and choice, and the anti-labling lobby want to take that away, and play we know best for everybody. I dont care if its proven to be safe by a burecracy that has been known to lie through its teeth in the past, its my choice and i want to minimize my exposure to GMO products. That may sound irrational to some, but its my body, my call.

Why is the average american unable to tell when they are being bent over and fucked in the ass by the corporations they idolise.

Comment Re:Everyone has a financial stake in this (Score 1) 446 446

How can it possibly be more expensive to print on a lable saying "contains genetical modified organisms", than it costs to print "made in the USA", are the letters used in the gmo warning magicaly more expensive than their non gmo lable counterparts.

The whole cost issue is a red herring, companies continiosly revise thier packaging on a month to month basis. Why do pro-gmo activists want to hide the source of the foods characteristics.

I want to know and discriminate against gmo products becuase a) i dont want to support the corrupt organisations that are pushing them. b) i dont want to support production mechanisms that are going to reduce biodiversity, have we learned nothing at all about massive agricutural monocultures from industries like the bannana industry, which is undergoing its 4th mass extiction of its primary crop variety.

Submission + - Jobs v. Steve Jobs: Hollywood Takes Another Stab at Telling the Steve Jobs Story 1 1

theodp writes: Didn't like Jobs, the 2013 biopic about the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher? Maybe you'll prefer Steve Jobs, the 2015 biopic about the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs starring Michael Fassbender. "Steve Jobs is a tech visionary, total dick," writes Esquire's Matt Patches in his mini-review of the just-released Steve Jobs trailer. So, is inspiring kids to become the "Next Steve Jobs" a good or bad thing?

Submission + - Qt 5.5 released->

mx+b writes: The latest version of Qt, the cross platform GUI toolkit and development platform, is out for all major platforms. Highlights include better 3D, multimedia, and web support, as well as better support for the latest OS X and Windows releases (including Windows 10) and more Linux distributions.
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Submission + - How the next US nuclear accident will happen->

Lasrick writes: Anthropologist Hugh Gusterson analyzes safety at US nuclear facilities and finds a disaster waiting to happen due to an over-reliance on automated security technology and private contractors cutting corners to increase profits. Gusterson follows on the work of Eric Schlosser, Frank Munger, and Dan Zak in warning us of the serious problems at US nuclear facilities, both in the energy industry and in the nuclear security complex.
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