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Comment: Re:Can MeeGo or Tizen, save Nokia now? (Score 1) 447 447

Not really. For some reason, microsoft HATES whatever has to do with Linux. They really, really, truly hate it. It's beyond their reasoning, marketshare lust or whatever. When it comes to Microsoft and Linux, you cannot expect a reasonable or pragmatic reaction from the former.

Comment: Re:Can MeeGo or Tizen, save Nokia now? (Score 2) 447 447

Remember that ballmer has said that linux is a cancer? Do you think they would have ever built something on top of that? I know they've made a few linux kernel drivers (which were later abandoned, don't know their current status), but from that to think they would ever embrace something built on top of linux and not windows? man, you don't know Microsoft.

Comment: Re:MS always late to the party (Score 1) 130 130

Being economically successful does not mean that people like your products. Why do you think windows phone is failing miserably? Just utter the word "windows" near any regular joe and they will immediately associate it to viruses, trojans, slowness and that dreaded computer that always seems to be acting on its own. It's only the enterprise market that's keeping microsoft afloat. That, and the monumental monopoly that they got on the desktop thanks to their antitrust violations during the 90's.

Comment: then dont flash gapps (Score 2, Informative) 478 478

just flash CM7 and don't flash gapps, use an alternative market to get your apps, was that so hard to find out? CM7 is fully usable without google propietary apps, you just have to make some compromises (no gmail app, no google navigation, no official market, etc..)

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