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Comment: Internet Effect (Score 2) 388

by trongey (#46110015) Attached to: Edward Snowden and the Death of Nuance

A few months ago I ran across a study about the polarizing effect of internet forums. As I understood the theory, they thought that we all have these black/white ideas, but they're normally moderated by social interaction. Unfortunately the ease and anonymity of internet communcation allows us to express the exremeties of our beliefs without any social cost.

Comment: The Goal? (Score 2) 325

by trongey (#46015721) Attached to: The Whole Story Behind Low AP CS Exam Stats

"shouldn't the goal at this stage of the game really be CS education for all?"
- shouldn't the goal at this stage of the game really be Art History education for all?
- shouldn't the goal at this stage of the game really be Macroeconomics education for all?
- shouldn't the goal at this stage of the game really be Diesel Mechanic education for all?"

Comment: Easy Solution (Score 3, Informative) 510

by trongey (#46015627) Attached to: Senator Dianne Feinstein: NSA Metadata Program Here To Stay

Nobody ever seems to remember that the NSA falls under the Executive Branch. Congress doesn't have to do squat. There's this one guy who has the authority to tell the NSA "Don't do that," and they're required to stop.
Clue: He lives in a really big house with a boring paint job.

Comment: Re:I'll bet... (Score 1) 150

by trongey (#45975719) Attached to: How To Make 96,000lbs of WWII Machinery Into High-Tech Research Platform

In 1943 it probably cost a few hundred thousand $ to build - if that.

Today's "updates" will cost $4.3 billion, be obsolete 6 months before completed, take 6 years, be the subject of multiple disciplinary hearings, congressional investigations and DOJ corruption probes, won't work, then ultimately will be outsourced to China for completion prior to being abandoned for a new technology.

Of course it will work. It was built for WWII. They made that stuff so you couldn't screw it up. There were still four Iowa class battlships active in the '90s.

Comment: Re:Expected (Score 3, Interesting) 76

by trongey (#45967167) Attached to: Amazon and GoDaddy Are the Biggest Malware Hosters

So, is it your assumption that size is directly responsible for the malware? Why can't a large hosting company also institute the best protection mechanisms to reduce their malware content? GoDaddy I can see not giving a crap, but Amazon should do some proper management to reduce this problem.

Do you realize how much business they would lose if they did that?
You can't just kick off all your best customers.

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