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Comment: Re:No surprise, really. (Score 2) 390 390

The first time I saw Benders Big Score I was very excited to have Futurama back, but was pretty disappointed after I watched it. HOWEVER, I have watched it several times since then and I feel that although a little dragged out, it was probably some of the best content the Futurama team has EVER put together. It has the 3 elements that make the show as awesome as it is:

  1. science references
  2. witty and sometimes ridiculous comedy
  3. heart-touching moments that can make a grown man cry.

The story line is tricky (especially with the time-travel) in ways that only Futurama can do. I felt that the rest of the movies were bad, and led into an even worse re-birth of the show.

I will always love Futurama, but it is definitley time to call it quits. The new episodes still have many of the traditional characteristics, but have been overall very disappointing. I will watch it to the last second, but know that it is best to lay it to rest.

Comment: Virtualbox is my favorite for beginners and above (Score 1) 361 361

My favorite is VirtualBox, especially for a beginner. Runs pretty quick overall, has decent options, and seems to support a lot of hardware with a fair amount of configuration options available, but not required. Another great feature is that it runs on Windows and Linux hosts with the same UI, so you won't have to make any transitions there. I've also seen a web UI if you need to run it in a headless environment. I haven't tried it yet, but you can check out at There's also some headless and cli features available, so you can script more things that way as well. We currently use a dedicated host machine with 4-6 VMs running at any time without any issues so far.

Comment: Re:If you have to ask... (Score 1) 615 615

We have a company in India but we are based in the US. It is true that the time difference makes things very difficult at times, because we are 11.5 hours behind them. Much of our India staff works a night shift so that we can work with them in the day our time (since most of our customers are also on our local time zone, so that's when we need their work the most). However, we are also shifting many of them to a mid-shift, where they come in a little before dinner and leave by about 2am. That seems to work better for most people, as it allows us to still work with them on hours that are sane for us, but also allows them to have time with their families.

Also, we provide benefits that help with the overall quality of the job. We include meals, paid holidays (many) as well as paid vacation time. There's other little benefits we put in to help keep people interested and help with the work-life balance. It is difficult to work with India at times, and sometimes we must all work some odd hours to connect. But overall, it is possible to make some compromises on both sides to make this work. The best thing we can have is a strong management team over there that can handle many things, without needing careful micromanagement from us, so that the meetings do not need to be as frequent.

Comment: Re:Google Apps + Thunderbird & Lightning (Score 1) 204 204

Seconded! While not a complete solution, our small company uses a similar setup. Google calendar works from the web, through Thunderbird and other calendar clients, and through both iOS and Android devices that our employees use. Multiple calendars can be shared and used on every device pretty seamlessly.

Contacts do pose a bit of a problem though, but it has not become a serious problem for our company yet. Storing my own contacts in Google makes it easy to access them on any device through Thunderbird (with addon), my iPhone, or of course the web. Sharing contacts is something that has yet to be solved efficiently.

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