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Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 158

I think that RT was kind of a short stop-gap solution to fix the problem of making low(er) cost Windows tablets at a time when running full Windows would have been just too expensive. Not that you can get tablets running full X86 windows for $100-$200, there's much less of a reason to continue on with Windows RT.

I think costs may have been part of it but the bigger issue was battery life. Now that Intel has fully fledged x86 chips that are quite close on power consumption there's no longer any reason to settle for the RT 'port' that still won't run half the software users are expecting to 'just work'.

...the fact that easily 3/4 of these things are rocking 32gb of flash memory certainly isn't helping either. Lets see, we have windows RT, one or two other big applications and...we're out of space. You do have that handy SD slot but that doesn't help because you still can't install apps on it.

Comment Re:It all comes down to payroll (Score 3, Insightful) 271

As a former H1-B visa holder you should also be well aware that the 'prevailing wage' is subject to substantial interpretation and visa holders are essentially locked in to that company.

They can't leave unless it's to go back home. In the case of some countries it's just a few years, but if you're from someplace like India you'll probably be there a decade or more before you ever get a green card.

I've worked at a number of smaller companies, and (at least in that environment) this whole yearly wage increase thing simply doesn't happen. If you want a substantial raise, it means accepting an opportunity somewhere else. Something an H1-B holder cannot do, so it's no wonder that they're preferred. I wouldn't exactly call you slaves, you're really more like indentured servants.

Comment Re:Oh I live in this world as well (Score 1) 271

My counter-view (sitting, between product and customer). Product have made something that's not quite right. We ask them to fix it. They don't want to, as they're adding the latest shiny new feature instead.

Um...if you're following the scrum process the product owner/project managers are firmly in control of this.

Developers certainly aren't the ones deciding what has priority, they're merely deciding how much each fix/feature 'costs' in terms of development time and letting you lot decide what they should be working on.

Likewise, if it's 'not quite right', you have only yourselves to blame since they're providing frequent builds and not just one ginormous deliverable every 8 months or so.

Comment Re:Bad idea (Score 1) 385

The government is an undistorted, but maybe slightly embellished reflection of the wishes of the voters.

Is it really though? When your only two choices are crap, and it comes in a choice of brown or dark brown it's really not much of a choice, and it seems perfectly reasonable for the voters not to care much. It's not as if anything substantial will change depending on which of these amoral fuckwads they vote in.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 2) 213

Any kind of automated mass collection of data without a human in the loop to determine if a threat is credible or not is going to have significant problems.

If you haven't been paying attention lately, having any kind of civil servant in the loop to determine if a threat is credible or not is also going to have significant problems.

Keywords: Swatting, ATHF Movie/Boston, NSA/FISA Court, Hello Kitty "bubble gun" and/or pop-tarts, etc.

Comment "the lack of a smaller Surface tablet" (Score 1) 379

There are very important reasons for this. Probably the most important one is DPI scaling, something Windows never supported properly until quite recently (Windows 8.1). With 8.1 it's possible, but any non 'DPI aware' apps (AKA almost all of them) may still need a lot of tweaking. The only reliable way of handling this is either increase the size of the screen or lower the resolution.

For anyone who hasn't experienced this for themselves, 4K laptop displays + Windows 7 = complete train wreck.

Comment pwn to own=new normal? (Score 1) 355

You know, it depresses me enough what we have to hack our phones to remove crappy "features" (disabled OS functions, bloatware) we don't want.

I for one simply cannot wait to do the same to my new car/refrigerator/thermostat. In the meantime, one alternate plan that's worked very well so far is to not buy any new cars or refrigerators or $200 learning thermostats.

Comment Re:can we think bigger picture? (Score 1) 33

The $1.5 billion rover, a near-copy of the Curiosity rover, will collect about 30 samples of rock and soil for eventual return to Earth.

Or we could spend that money on something worthwhile.

No problem. Would you prefer 3 weeks of corporate farm subsidies (20B/yr), one Ohio class submarine (2B/ea) or three B-2 bombers (500M/ea)?

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