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Comment: Re:Stickers... (Score 1) 993

by tried_to_find_a_nick (#27395151) Attached to: How Do I Make My Netbook More Manly?
Good idea. Maybe not only metal but something cool. Subcultural references are nice. Or you can probably create something cool and there are shops where they make a full size vinyl sticker that covers the back of the whole LCD. I have a 12" HP and sometimes I get it, that it's cute and girly.. Even though it's an enterprise series thing not a small commercial mass produced thing. If I had a lenovo x61 or x200t (oh my dream...) then there would be still some who would consider it cute and so. It's because there are people who have no idea what's make the worth of an appliance. Maybe you could consider it to be a filter for ignorant people.

Comment: Obvious advantages (Score 1) 192

by tried_to_find_a_nick (#27369325) Attached to: 3D-Based CAPTCHAs Become a Reality
For some time it will work. It will be deployed all over. The response will be that in Asia (South, South-East, East) in dark basements more people will get jobs and sit in front of flashing junk monitors for 1 buck a month to solve these and create databases. And the image analyzing programs will also improve which we can consider a good thing.. but will render these techniques also obsolete in time.

Comment: Re:Cool (Score 1) 95

by tried_to_find_a_nick (#26408321) Attached to: Open Firmware Released For Broadcom Wireless
I have a laptop with an intel ipw2915abg. The driver and the firmware have some problems. The card supports hw encryption for example, but I can't really use it since it is unstable. The driver is working but the development is dead. I wish somebody took the time to reimplement it. Btw how can I figure out what kind of arch the firmware runs on? (the wireless chips arch)

Comment: Re:Wow... (Score 1) 838

by tried_to_find_a_nick (#24193555) Attached to: Blizzard Wins Major Lawsuit Against Bot Developers
If the copy in RAM is unauthorised and illegal then everyone using the SW is a criminal? How this can be enforced when computers work like that? Or when you are a lawyer then you are immune to laws of physics and science? I would understand that altering the legal copy is illegal but now I'm clueless.

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