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Comment Re:Dimmable LEDs (Score 1) 278

And everyone using the LED's are using the appropriate dimmer right? Not all dimmers are created equal, and if you are replacing incandescent bulbs with LED's / CFL's and want them to dim correctly, its expected that it won't work. As for specifics, I have 20+ Sylvania 70734 floods in my house, all on the Lutron Diva dimmers, and they work fine. Mine seem to flicker for a second at say, between 20 and 40% dim capacity, but that short flickering moment goes away and it looks great after that.

Comment OTA DVR (Score 1) 697

I use a W7 pro setup with two dual tuner cards in it. I can watch one show and record three. I can also use my xbox as a media extender to stream live channels to other tv's. I don't pay for cable, but have a standard mount on roof antenna, and I get quite a few HD channels. I do also use hulu plus since it allows streaming in HD in a lot of its content. It is pretty amazing. If you get this many tuners, it does require a pretty speedy storage medium though, and it can tear through space pretty quickly. A nice SSD array would be nice, but three drives in a stripe work well. Since I don't care about backing up the shows, no need to worry about redundancy.

Comment Doesn't pass the smell test (Score 1) 1306

The overhead of this system alone is going to fail the feasibility test. If there are 230 million cars on the road, and if the cost per car is 500 dollars (for the actual electronic device, and the distributed cost per vehicle to get a reporting system up) then your cost just to initially implement this tax is 115 billion dollars. We all know the installers will be paid well more than they probably should, so I wouldn't be surprised if the total cost to implement approaches 200 billion. Then you have to build in regulations for tampering, reporting, tax code adjustments, etc. Overall, this might be the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Why not tax people who drink more water because they urinate more, or tax bike riders or those people who walk to work because they aren't buying gas? Or, tax people who pay there bills by regular mail, since they aren't using the internet. This is just ridiculous.

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