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Comment: Re:reminds me of... (Score 1) 630

by (#34834760) Attached to: The Logical Leap: Induction In Physics

This reminds me of a comic about an engineer at a philosopher conference.

All the so-called great philosophy questions can be answered definitively if you allow for the terms to be properly defined.

Defined by whom? And what is this "properly"? You think the point of that comic is that if we'd only let the engineers handle philosophy, they'd figure it all out right-quick?

The profession of the philosopher is to refuse adequate definition to these questions, so that they are unanswerable by design; their work is no better or more useful than religions assertions.

This is about as ignorant as an engineer mocking theoretical physics ("Oh, so your particle accelerator's going to help me build bridges, huh?") or a programmer mocking theoretical mathematics ("Play with your pretty partition function approximations, we have Real Work to do on these databases"). If you truly think religion or philosophy offer nothing to human knowledge, you are even more blinkered and dogmatic -- not to mention foolish -- than the zealots you seek to ridicule.

Comment: Re:Notes? (Score 1) 931

by (#26593187) Attached to: A Teacher Asking Students To Destroy Notes?

Kids are still rebellious, to be sure, but they express their rebellion in stupid, unimportant ways like abusing drugs and alcohol or using the "wrong" words that they know adults don't want them to say. I'd much rather they rebelled by not accepting statements without proof.

Aren't the things you cited exactly that?

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