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Comment Re:Write a pretty print! (Score 1) 430

If you do that, just make sure your algorithm really is the proper inverse function. I've been caught by this one time when it wasn't clear what the standard line-wrapping rules were. I still managed to change the code and cause diff problems for everyone else on the team. Now, I just go with the flow and practice "chameleon coding". YMMV.

Comment Re:Stopped reading at... (Score 2) 592

It's really not about who's richer. By that logic, if we just gave up all our wealth brought to us by democracy and "evil" capitalism, we could be just as destitute and hungry as them. I have to point out the similarity I see to survivors' guilt in what you are implying.

The only solution I ever hear put forth for addressing economic inequality is to reduce all of us to a common baseline through taxation, regulation, and sending our wealth elsewhere. Maybe what we really need to focus on is sharing our ideals rather than striving to share their pain. Some of the thoughts mentioned previously in this thread on colonialism were very thought-provoking.

It is interesting, that if the US is only 3 times more wealthy, how much more mileage we are getting out of our money here--and how much more equitable our system of government must be. I know I am more than 3 times better fed than the starving Africans portrayed on TV. And I have a TV to watch them on, in a waterproof house with climate control. I am not saying that to be insensitive, just that it does give some credibility to the idea of exporting American ideals. Call it imperialism if you must.

Comment Re:This is not unique. (Score 1) 622

I appreciate the sentiment. I do agree with your overall assertion that the IP system is horked, all varities included. I have some ideas that are patentable under the current system. I have to choose between executing them without a patent and getting sued by someone else later or patenting and detailing the secret as a starting point for a company with deeper pockets to squash me with slight tweaks to my design. My limited understanding of the recent patent "reform" is that prior art will be replaced by a first-to-file system.

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