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HP's Free Adobe Flash Vulnerability Scanner 82 82

Posted by kdawson
from the practicing-safe-flash dept.
Catalyst writes "SWFScan is a free Flash security tool (download here), released by HP Software, which decompiles all versions of Flash and scans them for over 60 security vulnerabilities. The scan detects things like XSS, SQL inside of the Flash app, hard-coded authentication credentials, weak encryption, insecure function calls, cross-domain privilege escalation, and violations of Adobe's security recommendations. There is also this video explaining a real, and amusing, attack against a Flash app. These issues are fairly widespread, with over 35% of SWF applications violating Adobe security advice."

Comment: Re:Veto Powers Abused too! (Score 1) 448 448

by treesloth (#22888606) Attached to: US Ignores Unwelcome WTO IP Rulings
I think you'd have a hard time showing that the politicians that criticize the UN are the corrupt ones. In fact, they seem to be among the most up-front and honest. The ones that love to pile one bureaucracy on another seem the most corrupt. Of course, that's just my observation, and it's just as unprovable as yours, I suppose.

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