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Comment Re:Bing vs Google (Score 1) 468

Now if the big news sites suddenly drop from Google but can be found via Bing, people are going to change there.

Google has the ability to get exclusive deals done too. They could for example approach some of News Corps biggest competitors, e.g. Financial Times and CNN. I'm sure Rupert Murdoch realizes this too and will ultimately stay away from the Microsoft deal.

Comment Re:huh? Where's the market? (Score 1) 236

1) It's not only for IE6. Not everyone using IE are forced to use it. Many are simply content with IE or just can't be bothered installing something else. 2) They don't have to know about the plugin beforehand. When they try to access a page requesting Chrome Frame they will be prompted if they want to install it.

Comment NetApplications vs StatCounter (Score 1) 575

I really wish this was true, but StatCounter's numbers seem a bit dodgy, with big swings in market share for no apparent reason. Example: NetApplications number are more stable; yesterdays market share for all IE versions was 63.47%, which is still a drop, but less dramatic.

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