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Comment: Re:Easily swappable parts (Score 1) 151 151

by transfatfree (#34162918) Attached to: Bloom Laptop Designed For Easy Disassembly

yeah, hopefully.

its kinda sad that before laptops can get to a point where they're just as upgradeable as pc's, we have to get to the point where theres too many discarded ones.

I thought when UPNP came round, this shit wouldnt be a problem anymore.. i was pretty wrong.

Comment: Re:Better idea (Score 2, Interesting) 179 179

by transfatfree (#34159380) Attached to: UK Reviewing Copyright Laws

I'd second that. Though aspects of Canada's laws are 'slightly' outdated. For example the tariff on cd's - i seldom use cd's for much other than burning a copy of a linux distro.

Canada's on the right track though.

Now, if they put the tariff on ipods/mp3 players/media enabled phones it might work better with the times. People wont appreciate the cost though.

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