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Comment Re:Wow Finland! (Score 4, Informative) 330

> And the entire point of licensed taxis was to guarantee
> service at all times and to all areas at a fair price.

Actually, the reason why there's a permit required to start a taxi service is because otherwise everyone that had a car could start a underground taxi service. Almost every adult have a car, thus we would have thousands of underground taxi services in the country. They want driving a taxi to be profitable occupation, thus it requires a permit issued by the government. Ordinary people who have cars are not allowed to start a taxi service. Uber should follow the law, and get permits from the government for anyone driving taxis.

Comment Re:The Nokia Microsoft deal .. (Score 1) 111

> Was it worth it for Microsoft to take a $7.6 billion hit just
> to take Nokia out of the mobile phone business?

How much you think microsoft spent money developing their windows phone OS? It had no hardware for the OS before buying nokia's hardware... Microsoft invested HUGE pile of money without knowing beforehand that they'd get hardware for their software.

My bet is that Nokia buys the phones back from microsoft once microsoft's OS becomes outdated. And then they have something new available for the users? Should think in the long term plans -- what OS is going to replace windows phone?

Comment Flashing animations should be banned anyway... (Score 1) 63

I don't have epilepsy, but still the flashing animations or music videos which alternate black and white screens are very annoying. They should really be banned for good. Whoever creates such videos for consumption of large number of people should consider it 2nd time before posting their video. Same problem is with discos and restaurants that use flickering or blinking lights synced to the music.

Comment True masters... (Score 1) 345

-true masters have their own style of writing c++ code. They don't listen to the newest silver bullets, but instead can decide themselves, which techniques to use in each situation. Masters can dodge the pressure of bleeding edge features, and focus on the requirements. They implement the simplest possible code, without any advanced tricks or newest fads, never coding themselves to a corner. They don't listen when the world screams that the code is shitty, when they know better than everyone else. Masters develop their own coding standards and conventions, distinguishing his code from the gray mass that everyone else is doing. Going against the tide is important part of being a master.

Submission + - GameApi aims to replace OpenGl with a higher level API. (

tp_xyzzy writes: Current trend has been that new libraries are providing lower level hardware accelerated primitives for games. Games programmers want to spend more time playing with the low level details, in order to finish their games later. GameApi is going against the trend and providing higher level api to replace OpenGL. The approach mixes C++'s centralized memory management and functional programming tricks to move abstraction level towards higher level primitives. The claims include "Empowering beginners to create games" and "Shortening the time-to-market for mini-games". Hilariously the provided api is full of completely independent primitives, with no logic whatsoever in their organisation. The library just moved from pre-alpha status to alpha status in sourceforge. Just in time for april 1st.

Why would this replace OpenGl? Opengl is lower level interface, with all kinds of memory management problems caused by C language. GameApi instead uses C++ and can significantly improve the steps required to create games. Instead of allocating buffers with malloc(), GameApi does all buffer allocation automatically, calculating the required amount of memory without programmer needing to specify it explicitly. Data structures required for high performance graphics is hidden behind the api, creating more power for programmers. All the small details no longer need to be handled by programmer explicitly, since the library handles it automatically. Lazy evaluation and pure functions are borrowed from functional programming languages, bringing state of the art primitives for games programmers.

Games rely on hardware acceleration to get performance. This usually involves moving all the heavy lifting from the frame loop to the precalculation step in the game initialization. This way all the operations required in the critical game loop are hardware accelerated primitives. GameApi's approach is to carefully document all the dependencies in the api, in order to make all hidden dependencies explicit. All combinations of the provided primitives are working, and the functionality is split to small pieces which makes it easier to move unwanted functionality outside of frame loop.

Comment Re:Yes... (Score 1) 292

> -Bad: Picking MS, the last place platform

Current marketshare isn't really relevant, since they haven't yet started their work. It takes lots of effort to get the marketshare up, but that's why they have large organisation. All those people need to have something to do, and improving windows phone market share is good task for them. We'll see how the market share improves as soon as they can create enough phones to match the number of phones they were creating with symbian.

Comment Re:Let's not mince words (Score 1) 292

> Elop should have chosen to go with Android for the killer platform of the their OS with Nokia's hardware.

That's only end-user perspective. There is other considerations, like how operators improve their networks, and what kind of improvements the company's engineers want to do to the os. Also hardware support is important consideration - it wouldnt be good if they had to use same type of parts for the phones as android vendors are using, since world supply of those components is soon consumed already. Important decision point seem to be ecosystem.

Comment Re:Things that make you go Hmmmm.... (Score 1) 535

> Nokia workers being laid off by the tens of thousands must
> be thrilled. Wonder what they think of the news...

Guess it's some big evil masterplan. The question to ask -- what is the evil plan that takes billions and billions of money, enough for a big company like nokia to run out of money enough that they must sell some assets. The decrease in sold mobile phones is not explaining it, since if they're not using their time to create phones, _what_ exactly are they creating? I think we're going to see some big surprices in the future. Noone just knows yet what they are. Maybe they're expanding their market area reach to cover US market and building ecosystem. But what it will contain is anyone's guess. Nokia and Microsoft today are just placing their first moves in a bigger game; and something big is coming. We just don't yet know what it is.

Comment Re:Android on Nokia Phones? (Score 1) 230

> I still don't get what Nokia gains from the exclusive deal with Microsoft.

Think of what they're doing. They create hardware. Why is deal with microsoft important for their hardware? If they create N million units of phones, they need large amount of hardware components. How is the deal with microsoft useful in this situation? It could be simply that microsoft already ported their OS to the hardware components. Or somethiing else like that. We will never find out, if we just think about how end users are using the phones.

My bet is that developing several operating systems costs too much money. Taking both winphone and android costs so much money that they can't afford it. They already have several platforms. Too many of them is not good plan.

> They're just sealing themselves off from a very large part of the market.

If you know the history, they have not been very successful in US market. Maybe microsoft gave them access to new big market like the USA.

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