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Comment Re:I remember some of Able Archer (Score 2) 178

And I remember all of Reagan's years, and Carter's too. I remember that after he had been president for 4 years, he won by the biggest landslide in history.

So apparently most of the voters disagreed with your characterizations. That's historical fact, no opinion required.

If I throw my opinion into it, I'd have to say we valued intangibles like human rights, economic opportunity, peace, ... far more than you apparently do today.

Comment Re:He gets stuff done, making others look bad (Score 1) 100

He is at least slightly visionary. I figure I'm averagely visionary, and here's what I come up with:

Screw that throw away flimsy ass lander vehicle thing. For what, red dirt on boots? Where's the profit in that?

Think big man. A real space ship. A real ship that lasts 100 years. It rotates for gravity and surrounded by water for radiation. Stay as long as you like. It's really big.

Impossible you say?

That's where the cheap ass subsidized reusable rocket comes in handy. It's a game changer in the right hands. Offices, dorms, laboratories, small scale manufacturing, a couple of rental condos, a little park; what would that rent for? Real geosynchronous orbit with Moon trips twice a year. What would countries pay to rent a suite on that? What deposits would they put down?

And then, o hay, we're goin' to Mars. It's no biggie really - a little extra food, extra fuel, we're going to be away awhile.

I go where I want and stay as long as I want, 'cause I'm Elon. Think about it man. I guess his next step is landing his shit on the barge while getting paid. You need to hurry up Elon.

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 0) 572

Yep, finally somebody else sees this.

It was time to end NATO right after the USSR fell. When Clinton was buying drinks for Yeltsin in Ukraine, he should have been signing the end of NATO instead of agreeing to substitute our nukes for theirs.

That would have been a nice legacy for a pacifist Democrat, and things would be a lot easier for us today in a number of places.

Comment Re:What do you do (Score 1) 359

Hard to believe your false argument gets modded like that. I guess people are angry. Also, evil drug company. They really are.

But no you don't go to 5% after 10%. That's down to the point of not worth it. Which is the whole point of low corporate taxes. Hell, at 10%, it's hardly worth paying a gaggle of accountants to get out of everything. Pay it and be done with it. But half of the exorbitant 25% that they are paying; millions and millions of dollars (most not even earned in the US), is totally worth it. But no, we wouldn't even have to match Ireland's hypothetical 10%.

You're right about one thing; no pandering to Pfizer. There should be a reasonable tax rate that everybody pays, and nobody gets out of. A 35% corporate rate ain't even close to reasonable.

Comment Re:Novel Idea (Score 1) 359

Yeah that counts Obama's subsidiary, GM, paying 0%. And Warren Buffet's trains, paying very little, while they build America, carrying that oil that will never be on the Keystone pipeline. And other guys like them, making the majority of the money that 12% is a percent of.

On the other side of that 12%, you have your Mom & Pop, trying to do their own taxes on paper, paying closer to 35%. And Pfizer, who, per the article, could apparently do no better than 25%.

25% on all profits, worldwide. That's after they already paid whatever tax in each country. They are moving for 12%. They would have stayed at 15%.

Comment Did intel actually complain? (Score 2) 385

One guy: "‘When it comes to terrorist attacks, one of the big worries is that you could take down forums and cost someone their lives,’ a GhostSec spokesman known only as Digital Shadow told..." And it is the really the article author that is telling us, even Mr. Shadow simply said it was a worry.

I didn't think Anon was all that good before, something like the medicine is as bad as the disease. You could say they were close to terrorists themselves, as their releases hurt lots of good people, no matter how worthy their cause was.

This is of course, a good cause. The best. If there was ever a way for Anon to redeem themselves, not just to me, but to the intel hawks in Washington that hate them; this is it. I don't think Intel is complaining, and If they are smart, they can use this to enrich, verify, and prune the intelligence they have now. If they are watching people that get Anon-rolled, then they will see results and reactions, or the lack thereof; all of which is good intel.

Comment Re:Regulation please (Score 1) 161

Ah. That's what industry groups are for. If they are doing a good job (which they do), then as a taxpayer, why would I want to take on that cost for no additional benefit?

Additionally, once trusted industry groups are known, then the pool of companies that should be closely monitored, like these guys, shrinks considerably.

So what were you thinking the fee would be, to submit your supplement, let's say it's fiber, to the FDA for efficacy certification?

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