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Comment: Re:Sour grapes anyone? (Score 1) 56

by towermac (#48630083) Attached to: India Successfully Test Fires Its Heaviest Rocket

You used the word 'ripoff', and AC used that to try to pull us into his worldview. We didn't invent shit; we ripoff the world, so on and so forth...

Yeah, we took everything the Germans had, including rockets, after beating them in the war. Germans are pretty smart btw, so after that man had whipped them into a frenzy, they had the best rockets by far.

Which they got from Robert Goddard, an American. Of British descent though. So, who gets the credit?

AC misses the point of America. Everything we have is 'ripped off', from somebody, or somewhere. We've got nothing of our own. We don't even get to 'have' our own Native American culture. That belongs to them; we don't get to be a part of it. But that doesn't stop us from using it all the time and ripping it off. Same way we absorb everything else we have from every other immigrant.

By having nothing of our own, we get to have everything. That pisses you off, doesn't it, AC?

Comment: Re:Growing Isolation (Score 1) 157

by towermac (#48582809) Attached to: Google Closing Engineering Office In Russia

"self-described Nazi thugs which seized the elected government and drove it into the ground"

Anybody who was watching it unfold knows that is simply not true. The government abandoned their posts, and then your man Yanukovych fled like a pussy. It doesn't matter what Washington said, we were all watching on live video. The fact that the CIA also has plots and goals is largely irrelevant.

But I actually agree that Crimea belongs to Russia (unless you want to discuss giving it back to Turkey). While Ukraine and Russia were practically the same country it didn't much matter. When Ukrainians wanted some distance, Russia should have just said fine, we'll take back Crimea, and paid for it. Not the whole value of course, but some compensation for infrastructure and lost assets would have been in order. Given that Ukraine was/is deeply indebted to Russia, it seems a deal could have been stuck easily.

Putin obviously has other goals...

Comment: Re:PRIVATE encryption of everything just became... (Score 2) 379

No, that's what happened. And when you don't have that random plane, you let your friends and allies die.

Or give up the only weapon you have that is working, when your ships and planes and soldiers are losing. That's how you lose a war.

I'm just glad I wasn't one of those 20 people. Dang. Because they did a good job, I don't have to know what that feels like.

Comment: Re:Drake is Obtuse (Score 1) 334

by towermac (#48527361) Attached to: Aliens Are Probably Everywhere, Just Not Anywhere Nearby

The length of the civilization bugs me. It's one of the variables. It's measured in some thousands of years. The only one we know of is around ten thousand years, but as far as aliens listening to radio waves are concerned, it's closer to a hundred years.

But having a number there also places an upper bound on the timespan, and that does not reflect reality. As far as we know, civilization lasts forever, once started.

That's a big infinity in the equation. I'm just sayin'.

Comment: Planets move (Score 3, Interesting) 62

by towermac (#48511895) Attached to: 'Mirage Earth' Exoplanets May Have Burned Away Chances For Life

Presumptuous maybe, but TFA is flawed as hell; planets move after they have formed, and generally inwards. They make no mention of this fact anywhere.

In our case, we had the Jupiter - Saturn duo that stabilized things, and prevented Jupiter from crashing into the Sun, taking the inner 4 planets with it.

It's entirely plausible that decent planets with atmospheres exist within the habitable zones of small stars, with crazy shit like 50 day years, and the dark side of the moon melts a little when it swings close to the sun. Heh.

But, a planet that formed close in to a star early on, and has remained there the whole time the system has cooled down, is likely to be a barren rock. Agreed. And a bit obvious...

Comment: Re:What kind of a "study" is this? (Score 2) 312

by towermac (#48484193) Attached to: In UK Study, Girls Best Boys At Making Computer Games

Yeah I was wondering if the kids were allowed to share and over what timespan the project ran. If there was downtime between sessions, the girls are more likely to collaborate and text and share good stuff. The boys are more likely to guard a good secret, because they want to 'win'.

A group of girls is always going to be less competitive with each other than a group of boys, unless, of course, they are competing for boys...

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