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Comment Re:Judging by the story so far... (Score 1) 367

"JFK and Bill Clinton are also cowards,"

I don't know about that, but they really couldn't be taken at their word, could they? Your word is good or it is not. They gave theirs under oath, in a purposeful ceremony, full of witnesses and a state official, and (likely) in the house of their professed God; just to lend extra credence to the word they just gave.

" I don't know who JFK's parents were"

Joe Kennedy, a mobster. Bill Clinton grew up without a father. Good observation. I had never thought about it.

Comment Re:Okay. (Score 1) 138

Man, don't even defend that strawman. The ratio of actual Christian fundamentalists espousing young Earth, to those that use their existence to justify their modern progressive liberalism, is at least one in a thousand.

Here's what I notice: Generally, those fundie Christians (you have to go find them) will keep their ideas to themselves, unless pressed. They've had a persecution complex forever, and now in my old age, I'm having doubts that it is totally unfounded.

On the other hand, the people that seem to have in in for them, 'progressives' I guess, will take every opportunity to loudly proclaim the fundies' ignorance, and stupidity, and mean-spiritedness, and so on. Can't even have a thread on science without the big pile-on.

If I'm forced to take a side, which in itself seems weird to me in a modern society; well, the choice seems clear.

Comment Re:ansible (Score 1) 43

Here, I'll help you out.

He's right; it's never going to happen in a 4 dimensional space-time manifold. Or perhaps more accurately; attempting to use mass (photon, electron, what have you) bound within the confines of said manifold to somehow trick its own existence... you see how one gets out into the weeds there?

You have to think bigger. If these dimensions don't allow something, then you'll have to go around them; under, over, bypass somehow.

How to get outside this manifold we seem to be bound to? Well, it will be tricky. How would you even know, if you somehow pulled it off? In any case, it might start with a singularity. Punch right out of these 4 dimensions. It happens in nature at the center of supermassive black holes. We see hints of dimensional permeability in virtual particles that arise out of nowhere and instantly annihilate themselves. We theorize about it as stings.

However, conservation of mass will always be obeyed, even outside of relativity and quantum mechanics. Call it a faith in science that still allows for change. The mass that you are able to put into a singularity goes somewhere, and it will not be bound by any speed of light or anything like that. Things like location and velocity are irrelevant here.

Now I'm not saying you could drive into it. But what if you built this singularity machine, and turned it on, and then built another, and turned that on, and then grazed it with an electron beam aimed at a loudspeaker. You might be able to hear background noise the singularity is picking up from beyond our 4 dimensions. I bet the Milky Ways' center is pretty loud. There is still probably some distance factor, but that factor is galactic. And remember, you really can't aim this device. But you might be able to hear Morse code tapped into the first one, while listening to galactic background noise on the second one...

Hey, you wanted to solve the problem. I'm just trying to give you a bit of an idea what you're in for. At least I didn't tell you that it can't be done. :)

Comment Re:Hypothetical worst case sneak attacks (Score 1) 732

You need to forget about our carriers in this little exercise. They won't matter. They really haven't for a couple of decades at least.

In an exercise where we invade Iraq or Grenada, they are still quite handy. Against Russia or China, they are going to be worth very little.

Comment Re:Don't worry! (Score 2) 417

That's an awfully high horse you're on there.

You're right about AlGore. The fact that he got in early and made a fortune from AGW related government programs that he supported, does not in and of itself detract from the arguments supporting AGW.

I just wish you'd apply the same standards to your opposition, as in; Romney is automatically disqualified from having an opinion on the poor; Trump is a hypocrite on trade because his shirts were made in Mexico, etc.

In fact, given the way you just ran your opposition down, my guess is that you never mean to try to find a middle ground.

Comment Re:dump trump (Score 1) 686

and took 30 something percent iirc, and gave that election to the Democrats.

It may be true that the Republicans, as a party, have a learning disability. They simply can't learn. It's like K said, "a person is smart; people are stupid."

Conservatives like populists too. They did then, and they still do.

Comment Re:dump trump (Score 2) 686

The sad part is, he's even better for the Republicans. They are about to be purged by fire. About damn time. Of course, they are going to try to burn him down first. We shall see.

I'm a conservative. And I don't post AC. (unless I modded) Modern conservative = classical liberal. Thomas Jefferson man myself. And Theodore Roosevelt was pretty good for his time. I know you worship at the altar of Karl Marx, so I don't mean to offend you with those names.

Trump is very similar to Teddy btw - outside the Republican establishment, populist, lip service to conservatism...
The Republicans eventually burned Teddy down too, but not before he got 4 years and did some good for this country.

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