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Comment: Re:This is Market failure in action... (Score 1) 353 353

by toriver (#42371369) Attached to: ISP Data Caps Just a 'Cash Cow'

This is because there is an unhealthy tie between the infrastructure provider and the service provider. Monopoly on infrastructure is a natural monopoly, and to be expected: it is wasteful to have multiple power lines just because there are multiple power companies. But just because there is one motorway between two cities there does not need to be just one company driving on them...

Comment: Re:Incoming Call Rejection Patent (Score 1) 166 166

by toriver (#42279605) Attached to: iPhone Infringes On Sony, Nokia Patents, Says Federal Jury

Yeah, design patents suck. Louis Vuitton should not get a design patent on "bag with pockets on" - it reduces the income of copycat bag makers and makes life more expensive for people who wanted to save money on getting a cheap knock-off that looks like a LV handbag.

Comment: Re:Freakin' Cloners (Score 1) 253 253

by toriver (#42180891) Attached to: Apple Patents Wireless Charging

Yes, the patent is vastly different from the Qi proprietary standard that Nokia uses. So it is new. Thinking that "adding a meter" makes little differende is just being ignorant. Do you think inductive pans will heat a meter away from an induction stove, too?

And it's not "Nokia's standard" just because Nokia is one of over 100 companies in the consortium behind it.

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