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Comment: Re:Comparing Internals (Score 1) 276

by topic7 (#43216611) Attached to: Galaxy S 4 Dominates In Early Benchmark Testing
Although benchmarks are not the end all be in, they are rather indicative and the closest thing we can get to real world use without actually using them in the real world. When I buy a phone speed is a huge issue for me. I have many of the newest and best tablets and computers here in my office and I am always waiting on pages to load, files to load, programs to load. Speed or lack thereof is my single biggest time waster, so this is a sticking point for me.

Comment: I live In Miami (Score 1) 253

by topic7 (#34794860) Attached to: Honeywell To Sell Miami-Dade Police a Surveillance Drone
As someone who lives in Downtown Miami and I am both happy and bothered by this. On one hand I like the idea of "an eye in the sky" to keep people from acting on bad inhibitions. On the other hand, I don't necessarily want my privacy rights violated. I live on the 40th story of a building, with big, open windows. Who knows what this thing will fly and what it can see?

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