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First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Gears of War To Get Free Downloadable Content

Richard Manley writes: "In an interview backstage at the Video Game Awards, Epic revealed that there will be free downloadable content for Gears of War in the future. They did not reveal what it would be, but they said they've been working on it long before the game launched. Based on that information, it should be something fairly substantial, not just a new skin.

Perhaps a new weapon is in the works? A new melee weapon, perhaps?"

Submission + - The Head IMAX Sound Engineer's Home Theater

junger writes: "As the chief sound engineer for IMAX, the company that makes wraparound theaters for you-are-there experiences, Lynn McCroskey knows a thing or two about massive audio and video. When it came time to build his own home theater, he took what he knew from his job at IMAX — and a few studio-grade custom speakers — to develop a room completely isolated acoustically from the rest of his house. It has walls built within walls, and the ceiling is isolated from the floor above. Even the doors have solid cores, and there are drop thresholds that rise up and seal the door when it closes, just as in an IMAX theater."

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