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Comment Re:Meet the new guy (Score 1) 393

For the purposes of voter ID, the only fraud you eliminate is voter impersonation fraud. There are other types of fraud that might occur (such as tampering with a voting machine), but which voter ID isn't able to stop that.

Here is the catch though. There is essentially no evidence that there is any voter impersonation fraud out there that needs to be prevented. People have tried again and again, and they just can't find it other than the occasional outlier. So you are going through all sorts of hoops to try and prevent something that isn't happening in the first place.

There is a subset of the population for whom voter ID is a problem however - and has other people have suggested the rules are set up specifically to make it hard for some subset of Democrats to vote. People who might not have a drivers license. Perhaps some elderly who might have given up the drivers license when they stopped driving. You might say that you only need to go down to the DMV, and assuming that the nearest DMV is convenient (this is not always the case), you can't just show up and ask for ID. You need to provide other documentation to prove you are who you say your are. If your name has changed (perhaps through marriage), you need to provide documentation of every name change. Some elderly were born before birth certificates were routinely issued to every baby - and if you can't get the birth certificate, then no ID for you. If your name is misspelled on one of the pieces of documentation, then no ID for you. It is positively Kafkaesque. And now you have people who have voted for decades being turned away from the polls because of these stupid laws.

In some states (I believe Texas), a gun registration is considered valid ID. But a student ID is not. Now explain to me exactly who it is that this is intended to prevent from voting, who it might be that would be assisted in voting, and what the logic of all of this might happen to be?

Comment Re:Impossible (Score 1) 57

Maybe not weak encryption, but that's my read as well - the system got hacked by some unspecified means, and the system was "designed" in such a way that there was no to do an audit to filter out bogus ballots.

There is a fascinating tradeoff between having an anonymous ballot and the ability to do an audit and/or recount.

Comment The quality of the programs sucks.. (Score 1) 229

That's what I am noticing. While the prices go up, the quality goes down. More and more "reality" junk. More and more insipid and inane programs. And what seems like hundreds of "crap" channels on the cable (shopping, infomercial) that serve no purpose other than to artificially inflate the channel count that the cable company provides.

My wife is a sports nut, and right now you can't get that online. That and a handful of news programs is about all we regularly watch, and you can't get that online either. I would dearly love to pull the plug on the whole business and go without and form of TV.

Comment Re:Not a solution! (Score 1) 67

No, the problem is somewhere ahead of you, there are people waiting for a traffic signal (blocked from moving most likely because the block on the other side of the signal is completely full). And the same goes for the block ahead of it, and so on, and so on.

In some cases the cars are waiting to merge onto another road that is also at a standstill. Or sometimes merging from 3 lanes down to two.

There are a limited set of cases where human behavior causes problems, and you have enumerated some of them. But day-in, day-out long traffic jams in the same place every day are just caused by too many cars on the road.

Comment Re:Not a solution! (Score 1) 67

Where I am, the bad traffic is stuck at a standstill. No more room for any cars on the road. Whether you are driving the thing or the car is driving itself, it isn't going to move any faster.

The only case I can see the benefit you describe is in somewhat congested roads where the traffic is still moving.

Comment Re:I am building right now. (Score 1) 557

I am in complete agreement. The first thought that came to my mind is that I would like a PassivHaus.

My wife and I have been going back and forth about where we want to retire to. I am horrified by the horrible construction quality that one gets from the normal builders. We are thinking of buying a lot somewhere and then hiring our own builder who would build the thing to our specs. But the next phase for us is to see if we can find a custom builder that can deliver on what we want with huge bonus points for anyone who has already built something along these lines. I don't want to pay so that someone else can learn on the job.

I don't have the time/energy to build the thing myself.

Comment Re:Pay them market value (Score 1) 234

Popular doesn't mean economically viable, and it doesn't mean that Uber valuation isn't far in excess of what it is really worth. I think it is a huge bubble that is just waiting for a pinprick, and once that happens, there will be layoffs all over the place.

Personally I just don't get Uber, but I have never had any trouble with using a normal taxi either.

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