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Comment Re:Exploding pens have been replaced with ads (Score 1) 187 187

Je m'appelle Bond. James Bond.
Saw this last night here in France. No 30 minutes of adverts, just on with the film.
And just for the /. crowd, there was a laconic, throw away reference to 'security through obscurity'.
That's all I'm saying.

Comment Re:A good start (Score 1) 162 162

Well, this simply isn't true any more. (Yes, I too work in schools, and have for the past ten years.) At County level, there may be subtle pressure to adopt a certain policy, or set of standards, but there is nothing to stop individual schools doing what ever they please with their IT budgets. Indeed, the last three schools I have worked at disposed of the remnants of their RM Networks in the dim and distant past, and have no intention of ever going back. True, the schools are still predominantly MS oriented, but that is for fairly clear reasons covered by other posters in this discussion.

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