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Comment Re:That may or may not be true... (Score 3, Interesting) 411

The majority of people, are like this guy. He makes a very good point. "The only real solution is going to be figuring out how to provide power cleanly for less money than doing it dirty." In the UK, the governments are slashing funding for students. Research into modern nuclear is almost non existence and we have to go to the french to get them to build us a nuke. The figuring out has been outsourced.... it is gutting. We need a manhattan like project to create clean nuclear power. And we need it now, and for the same reasons - the threat of being wiped out by a second party. Its not germany or russia, this time its mother earth who has the finger on the button, and has been warning us to stop fucking with her for the last 50 years.

Comment Re:"Slow and calculated torture?" (Score 2) 743

A loan is an investment, that is expected to mature and make profit. However, there are sometimes bad investments. It is up to the creditor of that loan to determine if the risk of the loan failing is worth the benefit of increased profit. Greece defaulted 5 times already in history. Being bankrupt is not theft.

Comment Inflation is *good* (Score 1) 743

Currently, inflation in the UK and US, is hovering around 0%..... YET, more and more people are living in poverty. This is contrary to what you say. The truith is, inflation is one of the only mechanisms that transfer wealth from the rich to the poor (mortgages and savings both end up less in real terms over time). Without inflation, there are no pay rises, no increase in available cash to spend. If you want the Dickensian model of work houses and food banks, keep spouting the 'Inflation is bad' mantra.

Comment Re:Like everything else M$... (Score 0) 208

I agree, you wouldn't want to do GTA5 in java...... However, Minecraft is currently chugging away on my laptop at 512MB, and performing quite well.....Even low end laptops have at least 2gb, and most of the graphics is offloaded to the GPU. It is very possible to make things run in half the memory, and be very strict about deallocating stuff after you allocated them....reference counting, etc. But, one mistake, and you've core-dumped your app. It is much harder to make something using C, than Java....especially cross platform. I would say Java is good enough, in this instance.

Comment Re:Toaster DRM (Score 4, Funny) 303

What you can buy is an 'Toast Decorator' - its a Chinese import, probably not the most legal thing as they've cracked the DRM........ what you do is just slip your generic, non toastable bagels in this toasting bag, and then shove it in your toaster. It accepts the 'self.toast()' method, and does whats required to make sure your bagels are toasted to perfection every time. Result!

Comment Re:This is not the problem (Score 4, Insightful) 688

The only reason the robot exists, is because the man who owns it paid someone to build it for him, or if he built it himself, paid someone for the components. He would only do this if he expects a return on his investment. I assume, that for him, a robot would be cheaper than paying for a human to do the work. So, he would be able to make more profit. > So we can all agree that we have all things for free since robots made them No, the man who owns the bot wont let that happen. >or we have to create bullshit jobs no one needs to distribute the money No one is going to pay anyone for doing a bullshit jobs. The only way out of this problem, is if everyone gets paid a Basic Income by the government. Money for nothing. Its inevitable this will have to happen.

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