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Comment Re:Be insainly great. (Score 4, Insightful) 428

Look at the macmini, for instance...... This used to be expandable with additional ram (to 16GB), two hard drives, and came with quad core i7 processor. Amazing.... really, I have one that has been running my website for the last 4 years, and it has given me no trouble at all.....

And apple canceled it. They replaced it with a soldered ram, duel core, which isn't as powerfull as something you could buy 4 years ago. For fuck sake Apple - this is what Commodore did, releaseing the Amiga 600, several years after the Amiga 500, which was no more advanced....... and we all know what happened to Commodore!!...

Comment Be insainly great. (Score 4, Interesting) 428

Apple have never really invented much. But, they have brought together technology and made it into amazing things.
The imac. It was colourful, compact, got rid of legacy ports. It was insanely great. The iPod put a Hard drive in a MP3 player, and made it easy to hold your entire music collection.... The others on the market just were shite in comparison. This was insanely great. OSX, bringing together open source Unix, with a Java JVM installed as standard, using open API's and with a GUI that was far ahead of anything at the time...... Insanely great.

But now....

Soldered in Ram - not insanely great. Non upgradeable SSD - not insanely great. no USB ports on latest macbook, and charging premium for a USB-c adapter. not insanely great. Charging $1,099 for a 2012 model laptop with 4gb ram and crappy i5-3210M processor......FFS, not insanely great.. For heaven sake, I remember Steve jobs reducing prices of models every single mac world presentation. No more.... Not insanely great.

Apple are dead. Maybe not in the financial sense - they have enough money to keep them going for decades. But, in the sense of what brought them back from the brink of bankruptcy back in 1998, they are dead and buried. I only wish Microsoft were a better company so I could switch back.

Comment Expensive Apple..... (Score 1) 270

When steve jobs was alive, I am *sure* that apple stuff was cheaper. No, it never competed with the low end stuff, and maybe you paid a premium for Apple gear / OSX, fair enough.... BUT, now its just a rip off. $1,199 for 2.5 ghz, 8gb ram, 750gb HDD.... $459.99 for Intel Core i5, 8 GB, 1TB HDD Now, I accept the apple premium should be like 50% more..... BUT, we're talking over twice as much for a similar hardware. For info, I just bought an apple from EBAY. I like apple. I just think they're way overpriced today.

Comment Back to the 80's (Score 1) 169

In the UK, as a kid I used to record the top 40 chart off radio 1 onto cassette. And then shove the tape in a walkman! That is 3 button presses - Record, rewind, play. Nothing comes close in convenience today. All they need to do is change the radio cassette player and walkman to record to tape using a 16 bit, 24khz digital recording format, and it would easily compete with CD/IPOD

Comment So, why not just print the $59.2 billion? (Score 1, Interesting) 456

Apple have $59.2 of tax money, owed to the government, locked away in their offshore bank account? Ok.... Then why doesn't the government just print / reissue that money? - Would it really make any economic difference, if apple paid the tax they owe, or the government just reprints it? A dollar is a dollar whatever way it gets produced! Then if apple do one day pay up, then just destroy the money they give back. Why is this such a problem?

Comment Re:That may or may not be true... (Score 3, Interesting) 411

The majority of people, are like this guy. He makes a very good point. "The only real solution is going to be figuring out how to provide power cleanly for less money than doing it dirty." In the UK, the governments are slashing funding for students. Research into modern nuclear is almost non existence and we have to go to the french to get them to build us a nuke. The figuring out has been outsourced.... it is gutting. We need a manhattan like project to create clean nuclear power. And we need it now, and for the same reasons - the threat of being wiped out by a second party. Its not germany or russia, this time its mother earth who has the finger on the button, and has been warning us to stop fucking with her for the last 50 years.

Comment Re:"Slow and calculated torture?" (Score 2) 743

A loan is an investment, that is expected to mature and make profit. However, there are sometimes bad investments. It is up to the creditor of that loan to determine if the risk of the loan failing is worth the benefit of increased profit. Greece defaulted 5 times already in history. Being bankrupt is not theft.

Comment Inflation is *good* (Score 1) 743

Currently, inflation in the UK and US, is hovering around 0%..... YET, more and more people are living in poverty. This is contrary to what you say. The truith is, inflation is one of the only mechanisms that transfer wealth from the rich to the poor (mortgages and savings both end up less in real terms over time). Without inflation, there are no pay rises, no increase in available cash to spend. If you want the Dickensian model of work houses and food banks, keep spouting the 'Inflation is bad' mantra.

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